10 Channels


We may…put 10 new channels up soon, I have five known to be waiting but can use a refresher on who here in the forum is waiting.

No promises but this is the place to be if you are waiting.

Please remind me who you are.


I could use big horn armory approved. I’m working with them



Yes please. Here’s my YT channel: http://YouTube.com/HarleyWood23


I THINK i am approved… maybe not for being around small children, but still… :thinking:


Have you reserved a channel yet? Reserve here


Yes. It’s been a while. I believe I reserved “HarleyWood” as my username.


I don’t see it listed


Alabama Arsenal would love a channel! We have attempted to reserve one!




All 3 of these guys would be awesome to have here on full30 for sure


Between these & PM’d I’m closing this until the good news

closed #12