10 places not to be in SHTF



I only got 4

  1. Around any form of government
  2. The hood.
  3. Bill Cosby’s house after dark
  4. Jails/prisons




Are three and four the same place now.




We’ll call it Cosby’s playhouse? :joy:


Hahahhahahahaa so so true.


Wal-Mart is bad enough video from black friday BS, can you imagine SHTF coverage at Sam’s Club?


Lol take riot gear


Will there be free puddin pops?


Laced or drug free pudding pops?


Laced with roofies and weed


Knowing certain “groups” and people here in Montana… first thing they say is they are packing up and heading into the hills.
You and 300 other nut jobs. Then what? You all try to shoot the one squirrel with your 06?
While I have sick and twisted plans, I am not going into the hills or Wally world. Hahahhahaa
Last place I am headed is the desert too… why are all the zombie apocalypse movies and dooms day movies ending up in some deserted wasteland and desert? Zero food unless you can catch bugs and zero water?
Something a lot of people do not realize… you cannot just head out into the woods and live off the land. There is not enough food out there anymore. Not in the majority of the world really unless you are in a very special place… and have very special skills.
I grew up having to cut firewood to heat our home. While we had electric heat, my grandparents never turned it on. They knew the great depression… knew what it was like to have nothing. So, a 3/4 to 1/2 acre garden (it became smaller as my grandmother aged) 2 wood burning fireplaces, and we were all very conservative. Raising animals to eat was normal. And for the most part, this was all a “hobby”
If we HAD to do it, it would have been a 14 hour day 7 days a week job. That in a mild climate…
Chatting with 2 of my friends yesterday one said it will not happen in his lifetime. He is 35… one think it will happen… he is 27 and a dairy farmer.
Guess who I side with? Hahahahaaa


Yeah, boy are we spoiled.
Grocery stores full of food and medicines.
Very few reasons to protect what we have.
Most everything easily replaced.
Very few of us have ever experienced hard times.
It’s doubtful if very many could survive much of it.
Just imagine the blue funk from just not having the internet for most folks.
On the other hand, think how little competition the hardy and skillful of us would have.


I agree and that goes inline with this thread.