10 places not to be in SHTF


Skynet or Jericho is probably more likely


Cormac McCarthy is one of my favorites. Blood Meridian is another good from him but its a western.


I’ll take Skynet, too. Easily number two on my list. :sonny:

I’m talking about you, @Sonny. I’m watching you…


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Is that a sock account?


He’s a bot. And, possible, Unit Zero in the overthrow of humanity and the leader of the Machine Rebellion. He’s suspect.


@Robert , what the **** happened to discobot?


Slow zombies wouldn’t be all that bad. Fast zombies would definitely be a problem.

If it ends up being zombies, I really, really hope it turns out to be the slow variety.


The infected from “28 days later” seem more believable and f***ed up


@sonny reload for @jf89


:ammo: As for gun control advocates, I have no hope whatever that any facts whatever will make the slightest dent in their thinking - or lack of thinking.

Thomas Sowell





he’s almost complete

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Although I liked James Wesley Rawles’ books, I found them a little to “preachy” and became more a fan of Angery American’s going home series or Glen Tate’s 299 days series.

As a Montanan, I would like to welcome outsiders to North Dakota for their SHTF needs (Sorry North Dakotans).


Yes Rawles focused on religion to much . Angery American seems like he would be a blast to hang with.