10 Rnds is enough??

A house divided against itself cannot stand
-Abraham Lincoln (the first Republican with any balls)

If we are not all working towards the same tactical goal we will all end up scattered to the 4 winds. The left has begun a concentrated push towards Socialism. As much as we all want to think of them as convenient idiots they are winning that battle.
If your feeling belittled that is your internal marker. I would suggest that someone who see’s debate as belittling is probably someone who wont do well when the shots start flying. (a broad assumption I know but, basic Psychology demonstrates that fear of confrontation often manifests itself in other situations)

Pressure will turn coal into a diamond.
Or a perfectly normal man into a complete basket case.

The more we allow ourselves to focus on stories and make believe the more we will continue to loose the battle for our freedoms.


Too late for us. New York State has had this since 2013.

Emperor Cuomo also was all about limiting police and civilians at seven rounds. It was fought to regain ten. Tube .22 LR magazines can only be loaded with 10 rounds as well. Honor system.


I’m not feeling belittled at all. My point is why do you feel the need to throw around terms like “Rambo” and suggest everyone is all talk (implying you’re the only patriot here) when the discussion was nothing more than a update on a new law? (rhetorical question.)

And I would further argue that the various armed forces share a strategy but not tactics.

I’ll have to watch your videos. Hopefully they’re more articulate.


We’re only next if we comply.
Don’t assume we’ll comply.

Your statement directly points to a behavior pathway that will ONLY end in your death or imprisonment.
My response was to assume that you TRULY are not that mentally unstable and self destructive.
I have yet to see a SINGLE post regarding political discussion on this forum where at least 80% of the responses would constitute a direct action against the country that the person in question inhabits.
patriot definition : 1. a person who loves their country and, if necessary, will fight for it
Patriot definition , a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion.
So if your accusation is that I am accusing people who would rather take a criminal stance against agencies of this nation rather than organize and try to save the nation, of being non-patriotic then you are on point sir.
If you believe in any way that i think this forum isn’t loaded with Patriots that is completely false and purely of your own creation.
Lastly if you believe I am not able to articulate my point then its probably not possible for us to have a useful discussion.


Abraham Lincoln…quoting Jesus Christ.


New Jersey magazine ban update!


Very true!


So say you.

I like to think you’re correct.

This would seem to include yourself. If not please give me an example of your plan (that doesn’t end in your definition of compliance.) No don’t. See next item.

And finally we can end on something we both do agree on.


the law regardless of feeling was and enacted lawful in that state
The same law can lawfully be repealed and instead of chest beating and what am I going to do when they come take my guns - should be the lawful correction and work towards that end.
As a lawful gun owner in that State you are now limited to ten rounds, and you are required by law to comply - it does not say anything about number of mags. It has only been in the last 30 years that pistols (other than Browning HPs) had more than 9-10 rounds so there is still that older image. This is not the first mag limit nor will it be the last and the only true way is to have the law lawfully removed.


image image I only use quotes of others before me because they are often more articulate and direct. These seem to fit here.


If you do not remove the demoncrap party you’ll all be felons like the law abiding, taxpaying honest, hard working responsible firearm owners of NJ have become.

Remember - the filth of the d-rats out breed us by a large amount.
Special reward for us? We get to pay for their plantation animals


Yep. The police were going house to house under the guise of a mandatory evacuation, but it was really just a gun grab of the innocent folks, as they took the guns but left the people. The police, knowing damn well that there were looters all over the place and they were leaving people and their property defenseless against these armed thugs. I believe many people learned a lot from this.

The debates on this and other forums all sound the same. There are those that call others cowards or idiots for hiding their guns or for wanting some sort of revolution or for not wanting a revolution. There are those people who say we all need to organize yet they themselves don’t make an effort or take leadership. There are the one or two people who beat their chest about how much more they do to try and fight for 2A. There are the people who preach “Do Not Comply” to others, but then they themselves abide by the unconstitutional gun laws that are passed to avoid legal problems. There are the people who walk the streets with a rifle strapped to their backs exercise their right to carry, testing and educating police and the general public. And then there’s the people who disapprove of this saying they are just making things worse. Some write letters to their legislators. Some say writing is a waste of time and isn’t working.

Some people have lost only some of their weapons in boating accidents but managed to salvage a few pieces. Some lost their ammo cans on the way home from the store in various undisclosed places that subsequently got covered in an avalanche. Good for them. Oh, I mean…that’s too bad. How awful! Some people don’t like confrontation (like me) but would go all ninja on your ass if I had to, without hesitation. And many of us have not been in the military, and while we have a respect for those who served, don’t always need to hear from vets how we would get our asses kicked if we had to fight.

Some debate on whether open or conceal carry is best. Some are bigger advocates than others. Some don’t want anyone at all knowing they even own a firearm. Maybe some people have 2A and gun channels and get paid to do it and don’t have to have a regular job like the rest of us. And maybe some people just want to own a damn gun or two and don’t want to spend their lives being activists in this bullshit gun control battle that has gone on for 100 years regardless of efforts put forth to oppose it. And some folks are just trying to fit their busy work schedule and their family into the day that’s given to them and are unaware of what’s happening. Some people have the time and money to go out on a daily basis and throw several hundred rounds down range, and feel that if others can’t shoot the asshole off a gnat at 500 yards they shouldn’t even be carrying a gun. And lets not forget the people who criticize or offer unsolicited advice on someone else’s choice (usually a new person’s) in what they are buying or building, often with no valid reasoning behind it; simply persuading someone else to get what they have.

Seems in the gun community you are damn if you do and damned if you don’t.
There’s always someone who thinks everyone else should be doing things differently. or doing more or doing things their way.

I could care less if someone hides their firearms or hangs them on their front porch as wind chimes. And I don’t give a rats hairy ass if someone wants to spend $500 on a purple butt stock that doubles as a whiskey flask or a pink compensatory that shoots fairy dust with every round. That’s their money and their dream that they worked for. I’m not their financial advisor nor their mother. The way I see it, that’s one more firearm out there on our side and I’m happy for them.
We don’t need to be divided, we don’t need to be belittling, and we don’t need to be pointing the finger at each other. Everyone is an individual and has to make the decision that is right for them and their family.

Every one of us I’m sure is upset about all this gun legislation, but the few here who live in these states did not vote for it. They can only do so much. There have been marches of hundreds of 2A and gun supporters that didn’t even make the news, and most likely did not make an impact. None of us know how to go about stopping this. Would it be awesome to see EVERY single gun owner take to Washington? Yes, absolutely. But that’s not very realistic. So in the meantime, we do what we can do and we prepare. For anything. And we try and grow our numbers.


^ Best post on the subject right here. Kudos @RedAngel


The bots are safe


It pains me to think that the plan will always come back to hide in your house. Wish that things where different and bitch about outside organizations not making that change that you want.
Ultimately that is where all pathways we currently use end up.


Spot on!


Excellent post!


I believe, that in about 7 paragraphs, you managed to summarize the entire 2A situation in a nutshell.
Bravo to you for such an eloquent (and intelligent) statement on the subject.
I for one am very glad to have you here on this board sharing your thoughts…:+1:t2:


We all are ! Especially while she’s running naked through the woods…


Absolutely :+1: hit the mark… I believe it is truly impossible for all of us (true patriotic AMERICANS) to actually unite and destroy the monster that we’ve let grow for decades…

I hesitate to say but I believe our soldiers took an oath to defend and protect against all enemies foriegn and domestic
Not much of stretch to say their all guilty of treason and many, many other things!
Seal team 6, Force Recon and well all the like… Let’s just let them do their job please!
Please forgive me but I think the only thing we have left is for a very surgical cleansing of the powers that be, starting with the media! So people can start hearing/seeing the truth!