1040 YARDS shooting


Yesterday my second time evere shooting between fields. It was amazing!


I bet, whats a field?

JK, we have fields

Hard to find sometimes



Florida has swamps and beaches.


Looks like a fun range day! I absolutely love long distance shooting like this.


Is that Bigfoot in your bottom pic? :joy:


Huh? your supposed to ask, is that a field :footprints: is in …:?


Yes, Lord Robert.


Fake news,the bigfoot all migrated to Oregon since its almost a sanctuary state.


And dudes who throw alligators through Wendys drive through windows.


My type of person. I want a pet gator but Oregon says no.


I used a Remington 700 action with a custom italian barrel in 6,5 Creedmore, Timlei trigger group, Sigthron 10-50x60 scope, Vector mount. Hitting 30cm diameter target it’s amazing!!!