10mm vs 44mag


I want to know what you think 10mm or 44mag? What are you going with and why?


Whats it being used for? Ive only got a 10mm and use it for woods carry but for hunting I would take the .44 mag.


Carry, hiking carry,

Why is that? What difference have you noticed?


Alot more punch , 10mm is more on par with .357 but has a capacity and recoil advantage.


Good point. I am a capacity queen!


Ive heard handloads can get you in .41 mag range, Ive never went that hot though.


Both awesome.

10 for semi and 44 for wheel gun


No .500 mag?


I would be carrying my tok (one of half dozen) over the 10mm, course having a couple thousand rounds of ammo shouldn’t prejudice my decision. And if I can find the SIG 226 or 1911 conversion would be even more a deciding factor.
Now if they made a decent inexpensive auto 44 that eats cheap maybe I would lean towards the mag.


Is there much 44mag up by you?


Goooood answer!


Ok @Robert
Well just go with both!


S&W 629 - C$1100
Henry Mare’s leg - C$1150 Which I would take over the revolver simply because I can “carry” it.
.44 mag JHP - C$60


It’s nice to know that the round made it out of America at least.


I know there’s some,

I sold this to a Canadian collector who was working to beat their import marking law




Have you or anyone you know shoot .40s&w out of your 10mm?
I know a guy a work that does this.


Pretty sure I’ve not done that, love the 10mm to much :grin:




Where In Canada are you
I have a lot friends that live in Ottawa and Montreal and Vancouver