10mm vs 44mag


Can you saftely do that?


so now you have a friend in Edmonton


yes you can - kind of like .357 and .38spc


Live that


Wouldn’t a .40 being used in the longer 10mm chamber cause the cartridge to have a headspace problem?

My choice would be for the 44mag over the 10mm, but in a lever action rifle rather than a handgun.


That was my concern when my buddy told me that. He says he does it. I think that I will just stick to 10mm in a 10mm barrel myself.


when you look at the numbers - 40 cal is 4mm shorter in both casing length and overall compared to 10mm. So pistol could have issues but revolvers using moonclips wouldn’t be a problem.


I have a Ruger SR1911 10mm. I also have a S&W 29 44mag.
Hiking - Ruger 10mm 8+1 rounds
Hunting - 44 mag 6 rounds


That seems to be the general consensus.


joeb1 Great lineup, With a magazine upgrade the Ruger becomes a 10 + 1, with the right load that’s a lot of gun for hunting, 11 rounds of hot 10 MM👍