13C is now live here on Full30!

Hi everyone, I’m Joe with 13C Media / 13C Gun Reviews and we just went live here on Full 30 a couple of days ago. We’re extremely happy to have a new home for our videos after the abuse by the YT overlords.

For those who aren’t familiar with us, our videos focus mainly on firearms content, silencers, accessories and gear with small ventures into supporting gear like lights, packs, armor, steel targets and the like. Some of our articles at www.13C.US focus on topics, events and political alerts centered around the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, they also contain some of the more ‘dry’ full technical data to support our videos .

We will slowly be transitioning older videos over, some we have to search for the original HD copies. Most older videos we won’t send out a notification for when they post here, so we don’t overload subscribers emails with daily notifications. All freshly filmed content will get notifications as usual.

If you are new to the channel please bear with us as we migrate over some of our older content that may not have as “neat” of an appearance or balanced sound compared to what we are currently doing with better cameras, mics and editing software.

Thanks again and please let me know if you have any questions.
-Joe aka 13C


Glad you are here and welcome, sir.


Maybe @13C can stop by and give his experience of almost 2 years on Full30 as a producer.


Hope he does, and, its time to change the discharge message to

a few moments later…