14.5" w/pinned FH vs 16" barrel on an AR15?


Is there any reason not to go with a 14.5" barrel with a pinned flash hider?


What’s the twist rate in your barrel and what are grain bulletproof are you shooting


Im considering doing a 14.5" on my next build. I like 1/7 and use American Eagle 62 grain green tip stuff or Black Hills 77 gr.


Use 69,75,77 for a 1-7
The 14.5 inch barrel will only suffer 100~150~FPS loss in velocity going to a14.5” barrel.
I prefer 1-8 twist on my barrels, but sometimes that’s not offered.


Why the 1-8? Ive always just defaulted to the mil spec of 1-7. I only use 62 gr for plinking, I have BH 77 gr for SD.


With a 1-8 I have seen the best accuracy across the weights 55-75gr
I’m sure someone on here has seen or experienced different.
In my estimations-
1-9 is great for 45-62gr
1-8 covers the board IMO 55-75gr
1-7 is great for the 69-75gr
That being said I do shoot all three twists in the AR15 .223/5.56 Barrels and I shoot a lot of 55gr due to price and bulk availability.




Good. That is awesome that you can stick to the better ammo. I’m sure that it saves you time/ effort when you do a cleaning.


Those are awesome barrels. My only hold back is QPQ instead of hard chrome chamber and bore, but that should not hold any one back from buying one of their barrels.



Sometimes , I dont shoot defensive ammo as much as plinking ammo though.


All good honest information. Speaks volumes about the company.


Me too, cheap to expensive ammo. No discrimination in my ammo, but once you have a good store of ammo it’s a good practice to find one both that you, and the gun likes that burns clean and is accurate and just restock that specific ammo after every visit to the range. That way you burn up the cheaper ammo and are left with more quality on hand.


They are even louder, why? Dunno but are.


By alot?


I like the looks of something like this



If you are they guy next to the shooter you’ll mistake it for a much more massive round

but yes being the shooter is noticeably louder

I had a factory M15 14"





I love my pinned 14.5" and I stretch it out to 500 yards every few months at various competitions.

It’s a little shorter and it makes a difference if you maneuver in tight spaces and you can save weight if you care about that stuff.

There’s drawbacks to the 14.5. Not only can you not change muzzle device, but you can’t change the gas block. So you’re stuck with what you’ve got. It’s also more expensive to go this route due to the extra costs.

If you ever do any “action” style shooting that has you moving in, around, and through tight spaces - pinned 14.5" is great. If you don’t, then it probably isn’t worth it - in my opinion at least.


I’m the same way with mine. Only have 1 or 2 I treat really nice.

As far as the roll marks I really don’t know.
In the past I have see that the marks where shallow and that was the “ blem”.