15-Year-Old Fatally Shoots Man Choking her Mother

No charges filed - good. Poor girl is probably in shock. I hope she comes out of it OK - sounds like she was completely justified. Doesn’t say whose gun it was, but I’m thinking it was the illegal gun owned by the guy she shot.


That’s great. They need to post more stories like this in the news. Did you see the one recently about the waitress who pulled her gun out on a guy because he came into the kitchen and attacked the cook?

This morning I see an article that says, " …armed robbery suspects holding up Los Angeles taco truck". If only those workers had been conceal carrying. If the truth be known, those “suspects” probably had those guns illegally. That’s usually the way it goes. But wait, I thought “gun control” was supposed to work? LOL


It is never about “gun control”. The left socialist/communist party that is the democrats of today want to people control. They kill the 2A first then go after the 1A in full force.


Amen to that! My comment about "gun control) was meant to be sarcasm. I totally agree with your statement.

The “left” party does not have the wisdom the Founding Fathers had, because the “left” party is guided almost totally by satan. Our Founding Fathers were led by Jesus when they created the Constitution. What group of people that have ever existed understand government tyranny better than our Founding Fathers? Wow, did they ever!

Today, the “left” is no different than the “government” that was persecuting our Founders.