1911 45ACP or 9x19mm? semi-custom?

I have some 1911s in my collection. have 45s and have 9mm. My personal opinion: Dan Wesson top line (Valor, Specialist, Bruin, Discretion) are the Best Money-Quality choice. I will place Springfield TRP and Smith & Wesson Performance Center next. Has recently purchased some BUL (Israel) semi-custom (special order)… . Very interesting 1911s. do not have a long record of use yet. however, so far - very impressive guns (all 9mm). and personally, I prefer 9x19 (not because of price, but bcs of Fun)



If you prefer 9 go 9. Or you maybe should look into 38 super?

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have tried 38 Super - do not like it. today’s 9mm Luger is good enough for any job.


I like both,like the capacity advantage of the 9mm better.

Then go with 9. It sounds like the best course of action.

already… have 3 in 45ACP, and 7 in 9x19… yet :slight_smile:

10mm? (This is to just hit 20.)

no… do not like huge calibers. even in revolvers… 357 M is my maximum

357 Sig is probably a good idea if you’re okay with a bottle necked carriage.

have tried it as well. it is very similar to 10mm… not mine.

To snappy or just to much recoil?

I get tired after 100-150 rounds of 45. I could shoot 9mm all day long :slight_smile:

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I’d probably just go 9mm then. That or possibly the redneck love child of 9 and 45. 40.

40 is shorten 10mm. However, FBI Academy’s research shows it is much less effective, then 9. And they have suggested to LEO switch from 40 to 9. Easier to make a “correct” shot, more ammo and as a result: more chances to stay alive.

I know it was one of my bad jokes. Well I guess it’s 9mm then.

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9mm 1911 are great Imo they handle well follow up and multiple engagements are way easier

Honestly I have more faith in .45 ACP for one thing it excels in compared to other handgun rounds: Stopping power. 9mm +P rounds deliver around 410 foot pounds, where as .45 ACP +P delivers around 580 foot pounds. Huge difference in stopping power, and is more likely to perform a complete energy dump due to larger, heavier bullets, and shallower penetration compared to 9mm. So unless your target is protected by light cover or low level body armor, .45 is the way to go. 9mm on the other hand has less recoil, higher capacity, higher and more consistent penetration when compared to most other handgun rounds. On top of all that, less cost. But like I said, I would prefer to carry .45 just because of its higher capability to perform one shot stops.

I’ve had a .38 super 1911, but prefer the .45acp.
Personally, I’ve not noticed much difference in recoil between the two unless the .45 ammo exceeds 230 grain bullet and 900 f/s.
Staying at or slightly below USPSA major doesn’t seem to at all objectionable for .45acp.
Very comfy.

This opinion coming from someone who’s never owned a firearm
While I also have .45 acp 1911’s I prefer the 9mm for the reasons stated above

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It’s all up to preference bud. I’ve only used guns at ranges, so of course it’d be stupid to listen to me. I’m just providing statistics from people I know that do own guns.