1911 80% 9mm Frame Choices?

My next build will be a 5" 9mm 1911 from an 80% frame with a ramped barrel. All the 80% frames I’ve found so far either have no cut for the ramp or a cut for a Clark/Para ramped barrel.

Has anyone built a 1911 from an 80% frame that they’d pick the same frame manufacturer again? Which one(s) seem preferred? I see 1911Builders, RemSport, and Stealth Arms all seem to have a reasonable selection.


Most 9mm frames will already be cut for Clark/para
All of the frames have merit in one way or another imo
If you buy a stealth frame it’s aluminum and light weight
And it’s already decked to the right height

1911 builder frames are excellent but need to be decked

I’ve been sourcing mine from us patriot armory
They are a decent price

The build I’m working on right now is a steel frame
With the barrel and slide sourced from sarco
All the internals are Wilson
Just my .02


I primarily used 1911 builders 80% frames.
And yes, the ramped ones are C/P from what I have seen, but that in my opinion is not bad at all.

The last one I build was for my wife and I believe that was on a 1911 builders frame.

1911builders frames and VytamenC frames I believe are sourced from the same supplier. Though TJ (1911Builders) and Chad (VytamenC) kind of got into it on my instagram and TJ was saying that Chad sells frames that are “seconds”. Chad’s argument was that his stuff is affordable, which it is. You can read the argument here in the comments:


If I was still building on 80% I would go with 1911builders steel frames. If you are after aluminum - Stealth Arms

For slides take a look at TR Enabling. Great prices, never had any issues with their slides.


Thanks! I wish both TJ and Chad had been more business-like in that exchange; point out the good things in your own product and don’t bad-mouth others.

I’ve been watching some YouTube videos from VytamenC using their frame fixture to mill features into 80% frames. Good think YouTube let’s you fast-forward! :slight_smile:

1911Builders does look like the way to go for a steel frame and C/P ramp. I’ve heard good things from several people about RemSport slides so I need to give them a closer look.


I have a few 1911builder frames and there excellent
But beware tj does not posses very good customer service skills at all
I had a issue that was in there end and when I complained about it he basically told me to go f$&@myself
So he no longer has me as a customer
Unfortunately I’m not the only person that has had issues with him


I have 4 1911 builders frames and 1 stealth arms frame, I like the 1911 builders frame the best.


Do you like any frame jigs for holding in a mill vice?


How about match grade, gunsmith fit, 9mm Clark/Para ramped barrels in stainless?

1911Builders has them (but the is link installed, so something has been pre-fitted) as does KKM, Bar-Sto, and Fusion (I’ve heard good and bad about them). I would have picked Kart, but they don’t come in stainless (at least I can’t find them).


Schuemann, Barsto or KKM. All good choices.

Like you said, Kart is something I would always go for too.


Hi I built a 9mm out of a Rock Island frame 4140 and used their kit ramped barrel with very little fitting it shoots straight.