1911 build slide stop problems


I like your YouTube videos. Well done.

I cannot get my latest 1911 builds slide stop to disengage by trying to rack the slide after it locks back. Any suggestions?



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Does it happen with a empty magazine in, or without any magazine present. @Ex-Forester


With a mag inserted.


Yes, sorry. I still am learning how to navigate this site.


or it’s meant for everyone …
my suggestion is break down the problem and be a bit more descriptive.
empty or loaded mag?


Ok are the Magazines loaded with ammunition when you try to do this, or magazine inserted with no Ammunition? @Ex-Forester


OK, this is for anyone who has a possible answer. To be more precise, When the slide is locked back, without a mag. inserted, the slide lock will not disengage when I try racking the slide.


Out of curiosity do you have a recoil buffer installed on it? @Ex-Forester


There is no recoil buffer installed.


Try this lock the slide open on an EMPTY gun, then, watching the stop closely pull the slide to the rear and see if the angled cut on the slide pushes the stop down. it might be that you are not pulling the slide back far enough, can be caused by too heavy of a recoil spring. @Ex-Forester


Thank you. That seemed to work, I didn’t pull the slide far enough back. There seems to be a sticking spot near the end of the racking pull. I’ll work on that next.
Much Obliged.


Glad to be of help friend. @Ex-Forester



I was sleeping. Just read the thread.

@Ex-Forester glad you got the issue sorted out.