1911 Carbine

Iver Johnson brings back the 1911 Carbine.
Good price too.


MechTech has an interesting conversion too.


Does that stock just fit in the MSH and then you swap in a longer barrel?

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The IJ is complete.
CTD has one for 582 bucks.
Not bad.

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Cant renember who used to sell those kits. Swap in longer barrel and a different main spring housing for the stock to connect to. Sold a few of those kits at rhe shop. Most didnt work real well.


That thing is atrocious
And fortunately they don’t work well at all


It is a Niche gun that would be one of those that you get just to get.

But it works well as per this Stewtube Test:


Interesting. I would never own one but interesting


Been a while since I read about the conversion kit that was offered at some point in the past, but if my memory isn’t off, it also used a different barrel link, to adjust the timing of the barrel unlocking from the slide. Other than that, yes, the stock replaced the main spring housing, and you swapped the barrel.

I think Sarco had the conversion parts in stock, a few years ago.


That thing is real? :rofl: I thought it was a joke.

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Love Sarco

timing issues sounds right with that length/weight hanging out there


I wonder what size link it is
Standards are 1,2,3
Even if timing was a issue it’s still hideous and ungainly to use

Sarco can be a great source for parts of the kept a running inventory Ahahahahha
There shipping sucks too

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Per Iver Johnson manual the 1911 is a standard 1911A1.
There is no differentiation in the part numbers for the link between models; not to say there isn’t though.
This is still one of those niche guns like the Mauser C96 Broom-handles.
I have never shot or seen a 1911 Carbine but I have the C96 and shot it as well.
On the c96 it does not have the long barrel but the stock does help with keeping the gun steady.
Word of warning with a C96.
Do Not Grip the stock like you would with a rifle naturally.
The hammer will bite you!!

That barrel is awful looking. Hell i’d buy a high point carbine in 45 before that ugly thing.

Matter of fact that guns so ugly it should be renamed The Rosie O’Donnel model. Did High point buy out Iver Johnson?

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Anyone buying the Iver Johnson Carbine would be doing so for the nostalgia.
I like the look myself but given a choice I would get a C-96.
But all in all using a handgun round as a carbine is sort of a waste as it is.
If you need a carbine, get a freakin carbine that uses a carbine round.
Iver Johnson was not bought out by Highpoint.
I really love my Thrasher and although I had issues I needed to work out with feeding Hornandy CD rounds I did it.
The firearm itself is very well made and I would put it up against a Ruger any day.
And it is true to the 1911 Officer in every way.
Ruger cannot say that BTW because they use a Ramped Barrel as many manufacturers do to essentially minimize the 1911 design finky ammo personality, and make manufacture cheaper.
I did a write-up on here about my adventure.

I like to tinker and I enjoyed the minor work I put it into it.
But running 64 mixed rounds including Hornady CD rounds with one fail (last round in a very hot gun) says something right there.