1911 ckp


Has anyone applied for the CMP 1911 drawing?


Not I, but I would like one!


What’s the details of his giveaway


Dual 1911!!!


The Gov released 8000 M1911A1s of various grades for $850 to $1050 to the Civilian Marksmanship Program for them to sell to the general public. Packages had to be in by Oct 4, which was when they had the drawing.


Oh sorry I forgot about that
I’ve been drinking today
I haven’t entered but I know a few folks that have
I’m sure I’ll be seeing more than one come across the bench


I broke the thread. Good job you noob.:roll_eyes:


You can just delete that post. That’ll clean it up.


Oh, snap! I dudditz!


You’d figure since I work in IT I would know how to fix crap like this…