1911 grips


So, let’s see your custom 1911 grips! I really like seeing some of the awesomeness out there with what people come up with.


Enter @Tactical_Reviews in 3…2…1…


Surprise surprise, I actually don’t have a 1911. I know, shocker. I had a Colt .45 but it was sold a few years back when money was tight. Closest I have would be my Desert eagle.


Well I am shocked!
One more for the wish list then!


I got nothing to contribute, but would like to see some custom made grips for sure.



Indian Creek Design 1911 Grip for AR that I made Lucille grips for


Hard to believe someone didn’t produce these



The upper left one is very nice! Is the bottom one green? Or is that the lighting?


Yeah, it’s green.


Yeah I have a favorite, Pachmayr on the ACE, 1911, DB, Python.
IDK if you can still get them with the Colt emblems.


The Green one is my EDC.
It’s the Irish in my I guess.


I have a lot of grips but my favorite one is probably these


Can see why :+1:


Couple sets of custom aluminum grips


@Giantspeed, nice :+1:


They are they were a little pricey though and requires some fittment


Those are nice. Like the ones of the left for sure.