19th Cent Milsurps


Greetings guys. I thought I’d start a topic on my particular interest and see what people think, are there many of us on Full30 into BPCR?

Here are some examples from my humble collection. 1870-80’s Mauser and Mauser ‘types’

1871 Mauser in 11.15x60mm, single shot bolt action.

Kropatschek in 8x60mm, repeating bolt action.

1871/84 Mauser in 11.15x60mm, repeating bolt action.

It is said that Alfred von Kropatschek got his idea from the Austrian 1872 Fruwirth Gendamerie repeating carbine and then Mauser thought they’d use a similar system in the updated 1871/84 rifle. As I own all three types I can confirm the Kropatschek is a better rifle than the Mauser. Not by much but it is.

Please add your own collection below or please comment.


Great looking firearms!

I wish I had the funds to collect more historical firearms…


Oh it has been a slow process my friend but hey, everyone needs a hobby and you can or should only focus on the one thing at a time.



Happy to see your post here :smiley:



There’s only so many hours in the day, unfortunately.


I have a few. A Swedish rolling Block, Dreyse M65 Needle Rifle, 1863 Springfield Rifle Musket and a MKIV Martini Henry. Also a bunch of Reproductions. I can’t post pictures yet as I used Photobucket for my pictures and when they wanted to extort me to do third party postings I closed my account and haven’t re posted my pictures yet on another site as of yet.


Great topic! If I can get an original M1891 Mosin I’ll participate. :cowboy_hat_face:


Excellent topic!!! I think you should do a post for each with some detailed pictures!


Yes you can, they upload here, no 3rd party needed, use the upload button or drag to the reply box



I have an 1876 Dutch Delft Arsenal Beaumont/Vitali 11.3 x 51mmR Mauser (first box magazine issue rifle) that has been in the family since I was a sprout and I have no idea why or how.

My Mother’s ancestor’s were Dutch - but in this continent when New York City was still New Amsterdam.

And if anyone knows where I might find a cleaning rod for it I would be much appreciating.