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As many of you here know I’ve been doing this whole little built thing for a while starting out with the first priority also here in the forms and expanding into videos. So I decided to make things we were quieter and focus down on what I want to do to step out a bit and make my own little way. So I got a call this weekend and a second call for pickup I would like to introduce you to my new friends.

Dead air pbs-1 Wolverine and dead air mask 22

It worked out really well since using the guys that automatic alignment rod in 7.62 how to make sure they won’t be any baffle strikes. So I use it on the rpk and the PAP M92. Workout gorgeously no issues.

And you see right here above that is a 22 suppressor from dead air suppressors. I currently don’t have a host for it but that changes tomorrow. I made a down payment today and tomorrow pick up the Glock 44. Luckily for me I went ahead but the threaded barrel aftermarket for cheap made by glock so this should be fun. I hope you do enjoy and I would definitely doing some video on this little project Justice show the comparison between a stock akm pattern waveform and a customized or tuned rifle and see the benefits of some of the parts that I use for my builds. If you made this far in this little post thank you and give that like button at smash.


That’s very nice. I have been thinking about suppressing a Ruger/22/45


Welcome from NC… Oh nm hehe


Welcome to the group!