2 Weeks left until the Geissele SSP trigger GAW.

For those who missed it we are doing a Geissele SSP trigger GAW via our newsletter. Drawing will be held on 11-13-18.

Entering is pretty simple and free, here is the video-

Thanks everyone and good luck.

*The next couple of videos will have a mixture of footage from both the new and old camera, after those are done, everything will be done with the new camera. Hopefully it’s not too distracting in the interim but as those of you follow the channel know, I usually take footage over several weeks and roll it into our final videos. Normally doesn’t matter, till the camera upgrade hits in the middle of 3 or 4 ongoing projects, lol



You want to skip the wait and I’ll get you my address?



Include a check for $240 plus shipping with your addresses and I’ll get you one, flat or curved bow? :rofl::+1:

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