2018 Pennsylvania Elk Cam Goes Live

If Only I knew who might be interested in this…:thinking:



Went to Benezette for a birthday photo adventure last year, and I’ll tell ya what. It was absolutely spectacular. Got there mid day, and the action was minimal, just a few cows and a small bull bedded in a back yard. Went to the famous Benezette hotel for a bite to eat and a glass of the local wine they’re known for, and something told me I should go back for just a little bit longer. Boy was I right! Just as the sun started setting, the bugling started, and dozens of elk appeared seemingly out of thin air. From our vantage point we could see for miles too, and to have them pop up like that was amazing. I couldn’t believe the size of some of the bulls too! It was one hell of an experience.



Your photography skills are :+1:


Thank you! Its a passion I never expected to have, but has been absolutely life changing!

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