2020 Adverting hunt

Alright, I see some dated material here and will get that changed,

One thing in particular is I have taken over for Kai with respect to selling ad spaces and
that means actual hands on ability to work with people and get things done.

We have the team to create high quality dynamic video ads

  • Executives
  • Directors
  • Actors

We have:

  • The platform to host the content
  • The content creators
  • The community

What we need currently are advertisers,

It is in these tough times that greatness is born,
many company’s will fall but a few will rise and dominate, we can help those few

If you or someone you know wants to be a part of the future, be a part of greatness, be a part of FULL30 then please, PM me here or email either Robert@ or help@full30.com

And for you content creators that is how we’ll get things rolling your way as well.

Thank you all and God Bless!