2021 Year end award recognition

2022? :woozy_face:

Yes is the end of yet another day, er-ah, sorry, year

Taking a look back at the top topics today and the total replies reveals a champion thread that has to be mentioned, doubtful this will ever be toppled either

That topic is

and its creator, @Belt-Fed is now the first recipient of a shiny new badge, a very elite member


Honorable mentions go to the second most replies @rjburk and 3rd @Tactical_Reviews , who woud have been second but the volume of images made the thread load slow, so a second, part 2 needed to be created, both together make it the legit #2 topic :man_shrugging:

Ricks thread ranks top in replies and third in views

The top in views goes to a user with a @boringusername who’s been MIA almost as long as the second place view holder @Jscheuch , and I’ll make my way down the list to mention @RedAngel @Minuteman & @LightningGunworks all as MIA so I can shamlessly plug the 7th pace topic, donations, we still receive regular support donations and all of you deserve an award as well, to preserve anonymity I offer my sincere gratitude and thankfulness!

To 2022 people, be ready and carry on!



Is there gonna be a check? :grin:


To all this years Award Winners…

Allow me to be the first to say …


Almost forgot Beltfed’s Check…


Ew a big one too, he’s always ask’n fer a big one :face_with_hand_over_mouth: