20k+ gun laws on the books

I’ve used this number many times, and most of the time it’s the same result. I’m an idiot, there’s not that many laws. But in the end, does it matter if there’s 20k, or 20? By demanding common sense gun laws, you’re calling to attention that the current laws are not common sense, and have failed. But you believe this next law will be different? But is 20k accurate? I did a little digging and found, it may not be as accurate as we think.



I suppose the number refers to all gun (and ammo) laws at all levels (federal, state, county, and local). Even still, the number of gun laws is kind of irrelevant. Seems the content of those laws would be what is important. But, to your point, yes some people think counting the laws will give us an idea of how hard the various governments have tried in regulating guns and ammo. Clearly, if there really are so many laws, my guess is that too many of them were not well thought out, thus the “need” for more and more laws (to fix the overall regulation of guns and ammo).

Personally, I would prefer that all those trying to regulate the gun world be required to actually read all the existing relevant gun laws - before they try to add any more.

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Most of them don’t even read the bill they are voting on.

My point, exactly, Tactical_Reviews.

They don’t read the bills, pass them anyway. Thus, they don’t know the laws on the books. Then something happens and they want to pass more laws that they don’t know the details of. Problem is, we have to live by those same laws (the ones they don’t or didn’t, bother to read).

Thus, forcing them to always read the laws, and know what other, relevant, laws are already on the books, will help put a stop to this madness.

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