.22 Competitions

Spending yesterday with my grandfather’s Ruger Standard and an afternoon at the range with my wife last Saturday got me to thinking- I wonder why there aren’t more competitions involving .22s? There is a local indoor range close to me that has holiday shoots for Easter (eggs) and Christmas (ornaments) but there is nothing else around here that is really consistent. I would love to see something more like USPSA or IPSC geared towards 22. Heck, even a .22 SASS match would be fun! I enjoy shooting ALL of my guns but there’s something about spending an afternoon plinking with a .22 that just makes me feel right with the world.

It seems to me like .22 would be a perfect competition round.

  1. The ammo is cheap. (Not as cheap as it was but significantly cheaper than other ammo.)
  2. The guns are generally not as expensive. (Unless you’re building a Tandem Cross or Volquartsen gun)
  3. Low recoil makes it easy for most everyone to shoot.
  4. It would be a good way to introduce kids to shooting sports.
  5. They’re just FUN!

Plus, I really want to see someone enter a competition shoot with a North American Arms revolver. :laughing:

But seriously, there really needs to be a group or league like the others I mentioned geared toward .22 aficionados. If there is one, I’d really like to know about it. If not, I wonder how someone would go about starting one?


Tuesday night .22 league for us at our club.
My friend started it by posting flyers at the club and on the website and re-posts a couple times a year on our calendar . Word of mouth around the club works well also
The 5 reasons you stated are why we are successful.

We joke and call it our 22aholic meeting.
Hi, My name is Mike and I am a .22 addict.


Steel Challenge is dominated by 22’s


But keep an eye on set up angles, got peened in the hand from a different bay once


The closest Steel Challenge to me only runs a handful of events each year which is kinda disappointing. I thought maybe I could get a Steel Challenge set up with my USPSA group here but the paperwork is insane. Dunno if they would go for it or not.

Maybe I just need to get certified as a range officer and start my own.


Have some friends who want to shoot, property , (possibly some liability waivers) and skip the certification for starters, just go do it :yep:


Sounds like fun, just don’t buy a sig p322 to compete in it. :yep:


Don’t all shooting matches require an RO?

Aside from that, I think I will start talking to a few people to see what I can get arranged. I have a couple of possibilities for ranges that might be willing to host it.


sure, I was suggesting other than a range and more your back 40 for fun


Somebody has to run the timer and keep score. That’s what the RO is for besides safety.


That would be great if I had a back 40!

Yeah. Which means I would need a 2nd RO so we could both shoot.

And I owe, I owe so off to work I go.
Stupid reality. :rage:


All we own we owe