22 Creedmoor


The 22 Creedmoor looks to be a very strong round and hopefully it cathes on and we get some reasonably priced factory rifles in the near future…the ballistics are impressive with the 75-90 grain bullets.


I emailed Ruger CEO and expressed that Ruger should build a new American Predator in 22 Creedmoor…like he will read it, but you never know…


What an interesting cartridge. I’m gonna go find some more ballistics for it because I’m a nerd.


The new King of the 22 heap…IF manufactures get on board…


I’m really curious about this calibre as well.
I think Alpha munitions manufacture the brass fir that calibre. That’s a big step towards a calibre like this getting off the ground. It’s easy enough to spin a barrel and chamber with an appropriate reamer.

I have read that people playing with this chambering are getting 3000fps and beyond with the heavier .223 pils. Would love to see how the calibre run out to 600-700yds with 80gn pils.