22 injured in shooting at NJ arts festival



thanks for sharing this video, jf89.

I sure wish we could see an end to all the mass shootings. Interesting that it occurred in such an anti-gun state. I guess their gun laws don’t quite work, huh.


I had the displeasure of living in Jersey for 8 years while stationed there. It is the most unfriendly gun state I’ve ever been to. With all their safeguards in place they should have prevented this right? Right? I don’t want to see anyone injured or hurt but damn. Wake up. Even with all your safeguards in place you cannot stop evil in the hearts of men.


The animals of the dnc s***holes ruin everything they come near. Busy weekend for the murphy’ favorite flavor of filth.
Meanwhile across the dnc shithole state:
They came - they did the usual.

Yep politicraps already blaming the gun not the criminal POS CP’s
BTW read the comments on the animals- everyone knew who.

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