.223/5.56 favorite heavy ammo

Curious what you guys like in AR ammo heavier than 62 grain and why you like it.
My plan is to buy 20-40 rounds of multiple different loads and then finding the 69-77grain that shoots best in my gun. After finding that out I want to look for the closest equivalent cheap ammo to buy in bulk for practice.

I would like to find a barrier blind load that would be good for HD and good terminal to 500 yrds.

I like Black hills 77 grain 5.56

Check out the 77 grain OTMs. Great for distance work and also excellent for close in SD. I use IMI 77g 5.56. There is a video on TFB where they gel test the IMI stuff and it was very impressive. A friend of mine was put in a home defense situation and he was using 77g OTM in his AR pistol. 9 shots into the perp that shot his dog, including 2 to the head. All the rounds stayed in the subject, even the head shots. Needless to say I find that very impressive. So now the 77s are my primary round with the 62s and 55s for training.


Right…the Mk262 mod 1which is a OTM…I believe they also make a TMK in that round…know anything about the difference?

BTW…I have a 1/7 barrel so weight shouldn’t be an issue.

That IS very impressive! Wonder if that would have been the case with a 16 inch barrel.