24v 50mt Delco starter for CAT engine rebuilt



You are a Dozer Dr :rofl::rofl::rofl:


After a quick bench test with a battery and jumper cables, then it goes on the Frankenstein machine to test strength and loaded down for durability



I can smell the garage from here

Cool gizmo,


Its a crumbliss load tester. It’ll sort out 99% of them. I know this particular machine is older than me probably older than my boss LOL but it works and majority of places do not have this machine or its abilities


Ever have failures?


Have any videos of failures to post :joy:


I’ve had them free Spin with batteries and jumper cables on the vise and sounded and appear to work great. But upon putting it on the load tester, had about an 80% drop off in strength to spin. In which case it has to be torn back apart to see if something’s touching that wasn’t caught before assembly. In which case with my limited patience at times, hammers, wrenches or whatever else I can reach may go flying…