270 vs 308: Medium Game Hunting Cartridges Collide

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When it comes to the debate about what the best big game hunting cartridge is, the 270 Winchester and 308 Winchester are always in the middle of the discussion. Both the 270 Win and the 308 Win offer exceptional long range ballistic performance and have claimed countless game animals across North America and the world for decades.

These spectacular hunting rounds have a track record about a mile long, but which one is going to be better for bagging that trophy whitetail, mule deer, or pronghorn antelope this hunting season?

In this caliber comparison, we are going to break down the history, ballistics, and pros/cons of each cartridge to help you understand whether you should purchase a 308 Win or a 270 Win for your new hunting rifle.

The 308 Winchester is America’s long range cartridge and has served in the military, law enforcement, and hunters for decades. It is a strong, short action cartridge that captures the terminal ballistics of the 30-06 Springfield into a smaller cartridge. Although it is falling out of favor in the long range shooting community, the 308 Win is still a formidable hunting cartridge that will not go away anytime soon.

The 270 Winchester is one of those calibers that you don’t think of when you start comparing hunting cartridges. However, thanks to Field & Stream author Jack O’Connor, the 270 Win has become much more prevalent in hunting circles. O’Connor took the 270 on safari in Africa and was extremely successful with it, despite it being smaller than a 308 Win or 30-06. The 270 Winchester takes a page from the Mauser playbook and utilizes a smaller, more aerodynamic projectile moving at a higher muzzle velocity to increase penetration and terminal ballistics.

Both rounds are incredibly capable, but which one is best? Watch the video and find out!


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Never owned a 270, but have killed all kinds of animals with a 308. Plenty of white tail deer.


.308 is more common with more ammo choices to choose from. It also has a wider variety of firearms its chambered in, I see it as an easy choice.


Bigger case, mo powder, faster you go. The further you go.

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I have used a .270 win. for the last 42 years . I have had several differnt rifle in other calibers but always go back to my .270 . I have shot everything from coyotes to elk with it .


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