28th Amendment Proposed That Guts 2nd

A New Twist On Taking Our Rights

Governor Hair Gel has proposed a 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It would effectively gut the 2nd Amendment, making universal background checks, an “assault weapon” ban, and waiting periods the law of the land. No, you just can’t move away from these lunatics or their dream of world domination. Even if we had another star system to go to, they would still try to follow.

And, here is the petition against it, put up by the California organization formed originally to get rid of him.

Also, since this would be debated in Congress, we all need to call and write our Reps and Senators now, making our opposition clear. It is much easier to slay a dragon while it’s still in the egg.


Newsom is a pinko commie. He wants ti ruin America like he has Commifornia. but we don’t need him, biden is ruining it fast enough.


Oh yeah, you can expect a con con push, and whatever you do, don’t buy it.


I bet Gavin Newsome drinks that Bud Light @Belt-Fed posted about.