2A Patch Batch 2020 Has Been Funded 100%! You Can Still Get In Though

A BIG sincere THANK YOU to those who have shared, helped out, contributed and support this year’s Patch Batch. We are now funded 100% and these awesome patch sets WILL be created. If you have not gotten in on this deal, now it is a SURE THING, so you have 3 days to jump on board.

This set of patches will be SUPER unique. My design, same as last year, is a secret until you get it, but I promise it will be unique. Kevin (KD) Dixie’s patch will look like his “Truth” pistol. And, this is the FIRST TIME folks like Walk The Talk America, Liberty Doll and Guns & Gadgets has ever had a patch made. HOW COOL IS THAT, an opportunity to get the very first edition as part of a special limited set. WOW!


The patch leaked on discord sorry clover the jig is up.


:rofl: :rofl: