"2nd amendment" In Czech Republic?

Greetings folks.

Some of you may have noticed already in news/some blogs or so. But after European Union getting more and more ridiculous and pretty much on wedge to self destruction and after passing overall “gun ban” (worse than nowdays Californian laws), started in Czech Republic huge, but lone opposition. After very hard, but pointless fight in European parliament (about 60-70% of all EU there are liberals, greens or neomarxists) have Czech goverment (ministry of internal affairs) decided to protect civilians rights (and politics rights themself as well :slight_smile: ) and proposed to house of parliament new constitution law (“amendment”) adding rights to aquire and own firearms right into constitution (which is above EU laws).
It all sounded bit weird and ridiculous for us and more like dreamy thing than something that can actually pass.

Two days ago when this proposition came finally into parliament, it get quite overwhelmingy (98 for yes, 29 for no) passed for next reading (even communists voted for it… wtf :D).
And so… In less then two months there ll be major voting that ll need 120votes of 200 minimum. If that comes through, it ll be almost sure that the law and change of constitution ll pass (since president supports it (he already confirmed in interview) and senate as well)…

PS. There might be no changes in ways to get licence for aquiring firearms. So still you can get licence and can buy guns only if over 21years, clean criminal record, passed medical check and passing exam about laws/first aid basics and firearms safety/handling.

This all might be little offtopic for Full30, but wanted to share this bit of possitive sounding news.

Also if you any question about Czech Republic, gun culture and laws… Feel free to ask.
(and sorry for my wonky english… :))


YES!!! It’s about time! The Czech Republic, since the fall of the USSR has progressively become conservative (by modern definitions), and I’d love to see a Czech version of the US 2A! The US should strengthen relations with these anti-EU, pro-freedom nations in Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, etc.). Rock On Czech folks! Pass this freedom bill!


Will it just be semi auto, or will you guys be able to get full auto?

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I dont think there ll be any changes in that. Currently you actually are able to buy and get full auto, but it requires quite a lot of paperwork and permission. So if you arent serious collector its not really worth it.

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Good job man :+1:. To hell with the EU, and take your country back! Gun rights are an important part of basic civil rights and the right to self determination. Kudos to the Czechs for standing up for themselves.

You might add Russia, Serbia, Slovenia and Georgia to that list. Pro gun movements and/or fire arms proliferation are very strong there as well. It’s a cultural thing. We should lift the stupid ITAR restrictions on freedom loving countries, it also helps our industry as the market would expand tremendously. Making everybody happy is a win win situation.


Karl Marx favored gun ownership amongst the poor. In fact most units throughout history have.

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Just out of curiosity, why don’t you like the EU? As an US citizen you should have almost nothing to do with the European Union. Even as a shooter myself, i’m not convinced that civil rights and freedom are necessarily coming out of the barrell of a gun…

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I hope this passes. To my knowledge there is only one other country in the world where gun rights are protected in the country’s constitution and that is Guatemala. I think Mexico technically does have something in their constitution as well but it is so limited that it is not effective. I have much respect for the Czech Republic and the Czech people. I wish them the best in this fight.

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Because the citizens of Europe live under an oppressive, libtard, anti gun regime. I really feel sorry for them. We should deport our liberal douche bags to Europe because that’s where they obviously want to be and hand out Green Cards to the European pro gunners. Problem solved.


I’m no fan of the EU, just wanna get that out of the way. However, your declaration of shipping the ‘libtards’ off in droves sounds am awful lot like making your political opponents disappear. There seems to have been a political trend that started in Italy in the 20s that was a fan of that tactic. It’s called fascism, and as someone who believes in the right to bear arms you should be opposed to it at every turn.

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I’m confused about that whole “Libtard” thing. Let me quote wikipedia real quick:

“Libertarianism (Latin: liber, “free”) is a collection of political philosophies and movements that uphold liberty as a core principle. Libertarians seek to maximize political freedom and autonomy, emphasizing freedom of choice, voluntary association, individual judgment, and self-ownership. Libertarians share a skepticism of authority and state power.”

For me (as an outsider) it seems that this is quite in line with what alot of conservative americans and gunowners hold as core values.

Don’t get me wrong here, i really can relate to the historical heritage of american gunownership since you quite literally had to “conquer” your country and later on defend your homesteads against the british in the independence war of 1775.
Not to mention those whide countrysides where your next neighbour might be miles away ( I’d like to have a shotgun too in this case). But even though i like to shoot i’m actually glad that gunownership is regulated in germany. I feel really save and i have utmost confidence in our police to protect the citizens. And apart from my subjective feelings, statistics prove me right. But again, i’m not critizing the american people for it’s love for the second amendment. For me that’s just a part of the american way of life. Every people has the right to shape it’s constitution and government in a way that is fitting to their needs. And the european union is far from being oppressive regime. It is in no way perfect and by my standarts way to bureaucratic, but it’s better than every country standing for it’s own. And the eastern members of the EU shouldn’t forget whos money enabled their economic advance from ex-ussr third world countrys to where they are now.

Sorry for the long post, just had to get this out of my head.

(Don’t throw me out of this forum please :cold_sweat: )

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Hey hey… Gruss nach Deutschland! :wink:

Well problem is that “liberals” in US political spectrum are something like social-democrats, lefties or communists from european view. So its almost opposite side than it should be. Thats important to mention.

And well about EU. Most restricted countries have in recent years quite high rising ammout of crime. For example UK ( http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-london-39578500?SThisFB ) where are all guns in fact banned and you cant carry anything for your defense legally (I dont want go deeper into their law, but its almost this simple). In Germany its still nice, especially small towns, but try to visit some parts of Berlin after dark… And sorry to say… but police wont ever fully protect you… Crime happens in seconds and police can come in best cases in minutes. And sadly I have quite a few bad experiences with german police bullying foreigners and beeing real assholes (Idiot stopped my car and screamed to my face for 10mins question where did I hide drugs… ridiculous idiot…)
Czech Republic with both very strict and inteligent gun laws became one of the safest countries in the world nowdays (statistics… :slight_smile: ) and we really dont want any EU bureaucrat, who noone voted for, to tell and demand what we should do and not.
EU actually is becomming pretty much oppressive regime, slowly but steadily… And years under communism and russia dictate have learned us to have open eyes and be really cautious.

Well, your last statement about western money into east country is thing for hours of arguing and debating. I think thoose money even they helped for a while are more like a curse for us, since corporations are holding salaries on lowest possible levels. You have usually 1/4 salary for same work in Czech than in Germany and all profits go back to west corporations.

Long posts are nice :slight_smile:


Libtard is slang here in the US for what is now called liberals, leftists, Progressives or Democrats on our political spectrum. People who see nothing wrong with the socialist-marxist policies of Stalin, Lenin, the USSR, Mao ZeDong, and who would rather live ruled by a 1% ruling class with their entire lives dictated to them rather than be free to govern themselves under the natural law from God protected by the US constitution. These Progressives, we will call them for simplicity, have been trying to undermine American freedom and small, limited Gov’t since the 1890s, with the free silver movement, then hit hard under the socialist, racist Woodrow Wilson, and continued to be pushed under FDR, LBJ, and Bill Clinton and O-Barry (Obama). The people support the type of civil disobedience and terrorism that was used in Chicago in the 1960s by the Weather Underground, and the social tactics of Saul Alinsky, who dedicated his book “Radicals” (a favorite of Hillary Clinton and Obama) to Satan. These people are supported by George Soros, a mega billionaire who has collapsed the economies of four nations before coming to the US. If you follow US news, you will see large protests in places like Berkley, Baltimore, Raleigh, and other places; these protests were not organic, but people were bused in from other cities, and these protesters were paid by George Soros (who is a Jew from Germany, who was part of the Hitler Youth). Libtards are the people who support lying, conniving, crooked politicians like Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Chuck Schumer and everyones’ favorite, Barack Hussein Obama, all of whom colluded with the mainstream media (CBS, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, etc.) to try to rig the US 2016 election against the eventual victor, Donald Trump. Libtards are the people protesting outside Trump rallies who want free health care, free education, free cell phones, and free everything, but they never want to pay for what the want; they scream about creating a welfare state, where we give everything to the poor, but when you tell them to take their cell phone or pull a $20 dollar bill out of their wallet and give it to a homeless person, they scream about how you can’t do that to them, and that it’s theirs and they won’t hand it over. Libtards are people who rail against the Law Enforcement community, and Pro-2A advocates, but when someone breaks into their house, they cry and plead for their lives and call 911. Libtards are not Libertarians, but modern Liberals. For a European example, think of anyone who loved the USSR, and thought that they would get everything free, and that life would be wonderful as long as they were all together under the red flag of Communism. But, then 10 or 15 years later they were poorer than before, there was no peaceful tranquility, but instead the heavy boot of tyranny on the necks of the lowly, hard workers who wanted this Government for an equal share of everything, but instead have nothing. We red-blooded Americans here on our side of the pond, see the EU as an oppressive totalitarian state. Most of you all over there willingly submit to it and the fake authority that it has, but you all come together to make Europe better, through joint-cooperation and in a solid forum. But that is not what the EU is. The EU dictates to each European state what that state must do or must not do (example: Poland, you must accept 500,000 more Middle Eastern “refugees”. Poland does not want them, and looks over at Germany who has far more than them, and that most of these “refugees” are not women and children, but young men between 15 and 30. Poland says no, and the EU wops them with major fines and taxes because they will not comply). The EU has ordered the disarmament of citizens, and forces these countries to comply with outrageous maneuvers to “protect the environment” when their is nothing wrong with the environment in these countries. Don’t start any BS about the EU trying to be like the US, because the US is one nation of united states with similar beliefs (even though there are a few who would rather be part of the USSR: New York, California, Washington, Massachusetts, and Illinois). The EU is a collection of different Countries with different mindsets and different beliefs who have every right in the world to govern themselves as they see fit,and not be ruled by an illegitimately enthroned organization bent on controlling all of Europe with it’s iron hand. Here in America, we don’t believe that human rights come out of the barrel of a gun, but we recognize, because it has kept us free for over two centuries, that human rights must be protected, and the way we do it is that each man and woman in America must protect themselves, and then when we are attacked as a whole, the entire nation is capable of rising up armed to protect ourselves by protecting those around us. Human rights don’t come out of the barrel of a gun, but the 2nd Amendment to the US constitution is the only piece of that document that allows for the protection of all the other principles enshrined therein. Without the protection of the people’s God-given right to defend themselves and their country, the rest of our Bill of Rights is worthless, because those individual rights cannot be protected, and they will be violated the first chance an oppressive regime takes power. That’s my long answer and my 2 Cents. I hope this was helpful.


Here in America, we have a place for these libtards to call their own. We don’t have to ship them anywhere. They’re all going to California. #Calexit

(Disclaimer: We are anti-fascist, that’s why we defeated Hitler and Mussolini. But these “Libtards” are, by definition, anti-American, and are in essence seditionists against the US constitution, but somehow they keep reaping the benefits of the freedom they claim they hate. It would be nice, if they hate this country so much, for them to just leave and go somewhere else.)


First of all, thank you for your detailed and extensive post and your undimmed opinion. I hope we can manage to uphold this high level of disussion! :relaxed:

For me, the US are and always have been a country of great contrasts. On one hand it seems to be made of kind, open, welcoming and hard working people who all share the american dream. On the other hand those people elected someone as their president, who seems to be the exact opposite of that. There hardly seems to be a levelled political discussion between conservatives and democrats, 2amendment-supportern and anti-gun activists etc. It seems that extremes are nowadays the only way of expressing opinions. I believe that (same as alot of european countries) the US has to learn the hard way that populism is giving way too easy answers to complex problems (which pres. Trump is learning right now). And that just doesn’t work out and even worse: It divides people! I always imagined the people of the US, though maybe of different opinion on some matters, to be united in the pursuit of the american dream. It’s sad that in the light of recent events, this dream seems to come apart.
And it’s confusing as hell watching a billionaire with a cabinet full of billionaires supposedly governing for the common people. I could go into detail with all those “alternate facts” et cetera, but that would probably take hours. :innocent:
I understand what his supporters see in pres. Trump (draining the swamp…) but actions speak louder than words i guess.
In the end, every people gets the government it deserves.
By the way, i’m getting the impression that many americans think that europe, especially germany, is overrun by hordes of refugees and islamists. I’m i right with that?


The US has been divided for about 60 years, going back to the counterculture and the left-wing nutjobs of the 60s affecting social and political change. They have attacked and berated conservatives and traditional hard-working, nonideological Americans ever since (example: propoganda smearing the NRA as baby killers, claiming conservatives want to destroy the planet, and that we’re all homophobic, islamophobic, we hate women and all other sorts of fake BS.). Traditional Americans, the people who elected Trump, believe that you have every right to believe or do whatever you want as long as you don’t force yourself and your beliefs on us. The election of Donald J. Trump by the American people was about the American people not taking any more crap from the militarized left in this country. Listen to the acutal words he speaks when he gives a speech, he is open, fair, firm, and he is truly doing the best he can for the American people. Donald Trump is not oppressive or a loose cannon, or close minded, or mean. If you believe that then you must be watching the fake news from the lying media outlets such as CNN or NBC. Donald J Trump wasn’t just elected by hard working, white conservatives, but by hispanics, women, blacks, gays, christians and anyone who believes in America as a free nation, where you can do what you want, believe what you want, as long as you don’t say that I must believe as you do. Donald Trump is a very open and fair man. Read his book The Art of the Deal, look at all the people who supported him. Black Pastors from Detroit, Ranchers from Utah, Steel Workers from Pennsylvania. Donald Trump to America, is what Marine Le Pen is to France. Trump is seeking and has sought to make the US stronger (build up our Military, harden our defenses and strengthen our relationships overseas), get Americans working again (bring jobs back to the US from where they went overseas), strengthen our economy (bring business back, and get others to invest in American workmanship), lower taxes, reform healthcare, and protect the freedoms that make this country great (including the 2nd Amendment). Is he a perfect man, no. Has he made some mistakes, yes. Has he spent all his life preparing to become POTUS, no. If you are talking about his travel ban, and are saying that he is anti-muslim, you’d be wrong. The Travel ban was a Constitutional, temporary, halting of immigration from a list of countries that have been labeled as terrorist states, by both Right and Left wingers. The reason he, POTUS, is not as able to get done what he promised, is not because the problems are complex, but because the last administration has placed so many of their true-believers in these positions, that they are creating opposition to the agenda the American people voted for, because they can’t get over that they lost. Trump is not trying to solve complex problems with simple answers, he is trying to solve major problems that are simple in nature, but he’s being stonewalled at every turn by these Libtards.


The interesting thing is, that even though he has all the means to govern as he wishes ( Rep. Majority in Senat and Congress), he faces opposition from every direction, left, right, moderate. As for his book, he didn’t write a single sentence of it. It was written entirely by a ghostwriter.
I am actually not judging Trump by what is shown on the news but rather by what he himself is saying and tweeting. And there are alot of things that worry me. For example “America first”. I find it quite naiv to think that a single nation , even powerful one like the US, can turn back globalization. It’s just not possible. The economical interwoveness between the first world countries is way to strict.
Why does america have to harden it’s defences? Is there a real chance of an invasion on american soil?
The thing about pres. Trump and his followers is that, like with religion, he doesn’t need facts. He believes in what he says and expect everyone else to do the same. If someone disagrees then it’s automatically fake news.
I agree with you that the over the last decades, the presidents of the united states (democrats and republicans alike) have run down your country. But i don’t think that this one will make anything better, quite the contrary actually.
But i hope i’ll get a chance to visit your country and experience the people firsthand as soon as possible to form my own “non fake” opinion. :wink:


I’ll address this orderly:

  1. His book. You obviously have not read a single word of it. Every single sentence, sounds exactly like him. I don’t buy any ghostwriter crap.
  2. America First. The whole point of an America First domestic policy if to care for US interests before we spend millions or billions on other countries in efforts the either benefit the US very little or not at all. It’s not a policy of “America is higher, and bigger than any nation on earth and we’re the first in line, and better than you all little countries”. America is the freest, one of the most economically sound, and one of strongest (militarily) nations ever, but that doesn’t mean we’re the first chosen nation of all.
  3. Globalization. The US is not the only nation fighting against globalization. The UK, major elements in France, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Czech Republic, and elements in Slovenia, Romania, and Italy are fighting Globalization. The US is only spearheading it. Other anti-globalist nations include Israel, Switzerland, and Hungary.
  4. Hardening US Defenses. The US has faced and continues to face threats at home and abroad, primarily, from an open Southern Border which has been flooded with illegal aliens, who have not only contributed to crime rates, but have taken jobs away from US citizens through offering the services at a lower price, and did I mention they’re here illegally. Yes the US needs strong defenses, because we are a strong nation and the one which stands in the way of oppression worldwide. ISIS had confirmed training camps in the Mexican State of Chihuahua, and ISIS and Iranian fighters have been arrested on the US southern border. Abroad, North Korea, and Iran face a nuclear threat to the whole of the free world, and the US, Israel, Japan and South Korea in particular. Yes the US needs a strong defense, since for the last 8 years the Obama administration has crippled and downgraded the US military with lower funding, cutting troop size, forcing unnecessary PC training on US servicemen and women, and using the Military for social experiments instead of defending this nation and defeating our enemies (ISIS, the Taliban, AL-Qaeda).
  5. Trump supporters “religion”. Trump does not just speak and his supporters don’t just blindly follow. Trump supporters have had some problems with what he has said from time to time. However, he doesn’t just blow wind and expect everyone to believe it. He listens to what the American people as a whole, not the screaming minorities, want, and he echoes that. He, I believe, truly tries to represent the American people, where Congress has not done a very good job. He has made several successes, in removing the US from the TPP, beginning to bring jobs back to the US, getting others to invest in US business, and beginning to strengthen the US military, and strengthen the US’s image overseas. Also, illegal border crossings have dropped by 62% since he took office and threatened to start enforcing US laws on the books. He is doing what the American people want him to do, and Congress needs to get their act together and work with him, since the most recent POTUS approval rating was 50%, and the most recent Congressional approval rating was 23%. Trump supporters support him for who he is, but they worship another God. I was at the rally in Nashville TN in March, and some crazy street preachers came up and began shouting to the Trump supporters to stop worshiping Trump and turn from sin, and the response from the other Trump supporters there was one of the most whole hearted and spiritually moving one I’ve seen in a while. They weren’t shouting Trump phrases at these preachers, but they were responding with Biblical facts to counter these street preachers falicies. The Trump supporters weren’t responding with anything about Trump but with evidences front the words of Christ. I’m sure there were plenty of Trump supporters there who were of other religions, or of none at all, since there were over 25,000 supporters there that day, but the ones I was around were devout Christians, responding biblically to falsehoods shouted at them. So no, they don’t worship Trump, nor do they cling to every word he says as the decree from a king, but instead they listen, and in most cases, he is echoing to his supporters, what they believe, because it is what he believes.
  6. Over the last few decades, we have been run down by more democrat than republican presidents. Jimmy Carter, Obama and Bill Clinton weakened our military and put us into bad and poorly structured trade and diplomatic deals. Ronald Reagan and Bush 43 put our military back on track and made America a nation to be proud of again. Bush 41 was wishy-washy, and all Republican candidates for POTUS until Trump sucked. Trump is not the one president to end all other presidencies, the only one we want forever. He’s not. But he is the best chance we, as conservative traditional Americans have to make this country the same as it once was, a free, great shining city on a hill.

If you do make it to America, listen to what the average American workers, and the rural farmers say, listen to what they believe, and talk to a few Trump supporters, and I think you’ll learn a few things about us over here.


A quick check with google for “trump ghostwriter” and “us incarceration rate” (freest country…) seems to disprove some of your facts. But i don’t want to delve to deep into this matter since i have to take my kids to bed now :wink:

Let’s just say that i hope that you are right my friend and that what i suspect and fear doesn’t come to pass! Any other outcome would be devestating for the United States and beyond that, for all the people on this planet.

Anyway, thank you for your time and good night.


You’re saying you wanna put all your political opponents into political ghettos?