"2nd amendment" In Czech Republic?


No. What we’re saying is that if they hate the nation they live in so much, why don’t they leave? It is an attempt to show their double standard of living in a nation that is the embodiment of freedom, and then pushing their agenda down the throats of the American people, and chastising the very founding principles of this country, and yet they don’t want to give up the benefits of living in a free land. I don’t care what they believe or how we live as long as they don’t tell me and the rest of America how they MUST live and believe. This nation is set up in 50 states, each one is a little different than the others, most are like minded, and there are a few who believe the opposite, and these states are where most, not all, of those who believe differently than the rest of the country live. I, and neither does @Minuteman, do not condone political ghettos, but people of like beliefs congregate together. In America, political opposition is different than in Europe. In America, there are those who believe in America as founded, and there are those who believe in fundamentally changing the country to make it more like Europe, and Asia, and other places where true individual freedom has not spawned out of a natural choice of the people. No one can deny that America has effected the world in the most positive way in the history of mankind: we brought the idea of true freedom and self-governance to a world where people were grouped in classes, from the rich rulers, down to the lowly peasants. In America, all men are free and equal, and many countries since have adopted parts of our governmental and social systems, and now the world is much different, in a good way, than in the 1650s. The opposite party here in America, the left, liberals,or Democrats as we know them here, believe the opposite and want an America that is weak against the forces of the world that would oppress others. The only thing in the world that will stop evil regimes (North Korea, Iran, and arguably Russia, and China, not to mention fundamentalist Islam) is a strong and free nation, in this case the US of A. No, I do not want to see people rounded up and thrown into political ghettos, but the internal opposition to true American beliefs are attacking and demonizing this nation from within, and they scream about how they hate this country, and yet they stay here. It boggles the mind, their hipocracy. Also, I believe that @Minuteman was joking. But since we opened this door, we’re gonna walk all they way down the hall. My ultimate point is that the two ends of the political spectrum in America is either pro-American, or anti-American, and in these current times, there are very few to none inbetween. I believe you can say or believe whatever you want, as long as you don’t force your beliefs on me, but when you are against the nation I love and the beliefs that make this nation great, and you are from this country, a) that, as Johnny Cash said, makes "my blood begin to churnin’ " and b) is counter-productive to a strong nation, and c) is just plain wrong. If you don’t like this country, don’t live here, THAT is what I advocate.


Also for any other folks from Europe or anywhere else that have anything to say about the US or what we (Americans) have to say about others here, here’s something to chew on first. Federalism. One of the primary beliefs that led to the US Constitution being the way it is, is the belief that those closest to a problem or occurrence will have the best knowledge of how to handle it. That is one of the primary beliefs of the system of Federalism.


You do realize emigration isn’t as simple as that, right? Most countries don’t want Americans because they offer very little. Furthermore, you’re saying that these people, who were born in America, who grew up in America, who actually want to make it better (even though they are misguided in terms of the firearms debate), are not only un-american, but should leave this place that’s been their home their entire lives. Again, you’re trying to ghettoize your political opponents. If you were holding up traditional American values you’d welcome their viewpoints and either reverse them or at least build the political base required to keep them at bay.

Furthermore, I think that most liberals who are anti-gun see that as a not very important issue and would take a pro-gun candidate who is also willing to stand up for women, queers, and racial minorities. This has been my experience living and Portland, OR. If you demonstrate how gun ownership and increased availability to those groups would benefit them and their safety, you’ll actually turn the tides of liberal opinions on guns.


Oh geesh you people really stirred up the hornets nest overhere.


As @EagleWings698 already mentioned I was speaking metaforically. The Liberals want to turn our country into Europe 2.0 and I don’t like it. If they like liberal Europe so much then they out to move there instead of changing our country fundamentally.


I’m not exactly Libertarian because I’m too Conservative in the social realm. Libertarianism doesn’t work and is an utopia. Libertarianism=freedom to use drugs; to engage in obscenity and immoral acts regardless of whether they actually harm others or not; men dressing like women; women dressing up like men; the freedom to worship the devil or masturbate in public if you want to etc. Basically sodom and gomorrah. There has to be order, some restraint, some sort of self-discipline. We call this morality or ethics. Basically, the only thing I agree upon with the Liberals is women’s rights, but that’s about it. Both the Democrats and the Republicans go screw themsevles as far as I’m concerned as they’re both part of the same motley Globalist crew that is bringing our country down and is raping our constitution.


I agree and disagree. What I would like to point out is that as a free people we should be able to look at ourselves first and be real honest. Tell me, how would you describe our own foreign policy and national security policy? That’s right, we’re bullying others into submission. It’s about damn time we stop playing Kindergarten politics with for instance Russia and grow up already. We have to acknowledge the fact that other countries have their own interests as well, which may or may not always align with ours. We are not alone in this world and we must learn to share. That’s the act of a gentleman. For now though, we’re still behaving like pirates. How is Russia evil? Sure, they suddenly decided to pop up in the middle of our 900 overseas military bases. We need to look ourselves in the eye man… Russia is mostly a threat to itself, but most certainly not externally. Fact: NATO expanded eastward despite previous agreements and the Warsaw Pact having disbanded in an orderly fashion, Russia didn’t move westward. We have over 900 military bases around the world, I mean we’re all over the darn place! Russia has only a hand full (1 in Armenia, 2 or 3 in the Stans, and 2 fleet replenishment bases. 1 in Syria and one in Greece). That’s about it. People are so bloody misinformed by the MSM and have been utterly brainwashed with anti Russia propaganda that they no longer know fact from utter garbage. Let me tell you how it works between Russia and Ukraine. First of all, Crimea never was part of Ukraine (Kruschev pissed it away to his mother in law as dowry in 1954 if I’m not mistaken). These people voted in a referendum that was monitored by international observers without any vested interests in the outcome as well as OSCE to rejoin Russia. Their point is valid as the Crimea population is in fact ethnically Russian. Secondly, I sincerely hope we can agree that Yanukovitch was the legitimate president of the Ukraine because he took office after being democratically elected. The West, American or Globalist powers that be ousted him by creating a neo-Nazi coup d’etat and send wack jobs like McCain to stir up the Ukranian people (effectively intefering with the domestic politics of a sovereign nation, which is a gross violation of international law and anact of war but whatever). Next thing you know it’s the new Kiev regime waging genocide among the ethnic Russians in the Lugansk and Donbass regions, not the other way around. And Russia is of course to blame for all of this, so instead of talking to Putin and let him handle it (which he’s not, because there aren’t any Russian troops in East Ukraine, if there were we’d show the world proof by means of our multi billion dollar sat imaging capability, right?), we decide to keep our heads in our rear ends and sanction Russia and tell everybody Putin’s a bad guy while making sure -through our gun boat diplomacy- they follow suit! Now that makes perfect sense, right? So no, we must begin to actually live according to the Gospel and first and foremost look ourselves in the eye before we even start considering judging others. Our foreign policy makers are idiots, utterly incompetent idiots. Because togeher, we and the Russians can do so much good for the world if we stand together, and get rid of the real rogue regimes like Saudi Arabia. Right now, we’re just part of the problem because we uphold those regimes ourselves. Bottom line is, were not resisting the Big Oil, Big Finance and Big Guns boys enough. They’re the ones causing all this crap. And we keep voting the same idiots into office that keep their rear ends out of the wind instead of giving the real smart guys such as Ron Paul a chance. That, my friend, is what we, the sheeple have become. We always complain about govt being out of touch with us, but one can hardly disagree that goes both ways. We are the only armed citizenry in the world. No President in their right mind would pitch the military against its own citizens because of the Pose Comitatus Act. What can they do against millions of gun owners? You tell me… Some may say nobody in their right mind would take on the US Govt. Well maybe it’s time? How long must we let them continue to Patriot Act us, have the NSA monitor and document our each and every move, register every word we say, catch our every fart and sniff at it? Fact of the matter is, we have allowed each and every President since Kennedy to turn our once great and free nation into the most fascist, aggressive and oppressive country in the world. Nobody can deny that we spend the most -by far and large- on holding ourselves and others hostage. What other country spends an annual amount of 800 or so billion -if not more- on Defense and National Security? The world’s roguest of the roguest regimes combined are child’s play compared to us. Do I hate our country? No, I love our country, but I’m not at all happy about the way we’re headed. We had a glinch of hope with Ron Paul, but now he’s out of the game and we’ll never change for the better I’m afraid. What I’m saying is that it’s not that black and white (pro or against America). It’s about being truthful, seaking the truth, speaking the truth and nothing but the truth no matter how ugly it may be. We need a roll-back to <the years of the Progressive Era. Back to the core values upon which we can all agree: our Founding principles from the days of our Revolution and Independence.

Old Fart rant out.


Again I will do this orderly.

  1. Americans can go almost wherever they want with a passport, and even if they didn’t want to go the legal way, which they advocate for by supporting illegal immigration into the US, they could vocally renounce their citizenship and seek asylum wherever they wanted. Also, I don’t care if they stay here, as long as they aren’t pushing their views on me. All the protests and riots we’re seeing across the US are started by the very people I’m talking about. My point by pointing out that they might as well leave, and the point you’re missing, is that they do not want to be here! Evidence: November 9th 2016- The Canadian immigration website crashed because so many people wanted to leave; and several prominent Hollywood celebrities said they were going to leave if Trump was elected, and yet they never did. My point is to show their hipocracy by railing against the US, and yet if they hate it so much here that they need safe spaces at their communist-supporting colleges, they might as well leave. I will debate with them, but historically, you can’t debate with them because they won’t rationally debate you! They will shout “RACIST!” or “SEXIST!” or “XENOPHOBE!” or some other unfounded, programmed call-word at you and run away. If you want a visual example, watch Steven Crowder’s videos.
  2. They do not want to make this country better. They support a failed ideology of tyranny and oppression, it’s called socialism (hint, USSR, Mao’s China, N. Korea under the Kims, Venezuela, Cuba under Castro, Pol Pot, etc, etc,). We try to debate these fools but they will not listen. The system that has worked almost flawlessly since 1776, was one of capitalist, democratic-republicanism as enshrined in the US Constitution. Has the US been perfect all it’s history, no, but it’s been on heck-of-alot better than anything else out there. This nation has created opportunity for countless individuals and families since we were founded. And they want to change an unbroken system, and institute one that is the antithesis to the US’s ideals, one that would lead to despotism.
  3. I’ve already addressed the whole “ghettoizing your enemies” BS. When I mentioned that they live in majorities in a few select states, they live there VOLUNTARILY. When we joke that it’d be nice of they would just go away, however they might, we used a uniquely western style of humor seldom seen in Europe. There are these people everywhere in America, but primarily the reside in New York, California, Massachusetts, Washington, Oregon, and a few other select states on the Eastern Seaboard. I will also refer to my first point.
  4. We have heard their viewpoints, and the American people, in majority, have rejected them, so we are attempting to debate a loser minority who will not give up the fact that they lost. But we cannot convince them of the error of their political ways, because for the last 35+ years, neo-socialists have infested the college system in America, and they have drilled these failed ideals into a generation of open young minds who reason emotionally, and don’t think for themselves, they regurgitate lines fed them by these anti-American oppositionists. If you can change any of their minds, good luck buddy.
  5. In America, the gun debate is one of the most alive and embattled debates in politics today. Today’s left-wingers in America, will not accept ANYONE who does not outwardly show to agree with them. They eat their own. If you disagree with any one of their principles, you will be demonized by them one and all. Also, I again will point to my previous point, as far as changing their viewpoints.
  6. These political sides have become more ideological than ever before. The Republican party has more Hispanics, Blacks, Asians, Gays, and their core or Conservatives, than ever before. The Left, or the Democrat party, has become more undifferentiated than ever before, with radical, anti-natural-humanity, militaristic feminists; lunatic, nonsensical, anti-gunners,most of whom are the core, the young, mind-numbed, thoughtless robots from the college campuses who want free everything, and big government; not to mention the old, mind-numbed liberals who have been in the ranks for over 30 years who are hard line. This being so, I don’t believe you can group a single minority into a political stance anymore.
  7. They are not just misguided in terms of firearms, but on every issue on the table, from abortion to immigration, to economical policies, to individual property and privacy rights, to military and defense policy. Like I’ve said, it’s pretty much boiled down to two ends of the spectrum and little room for anything inbetween.

Evidence for you to consider:
Steven Crowder: https://www.youtube.com/user/StevenCrowder
Check out his content, he pretty much backs up everything I’ve put down in some video. Also, check out Rush Limbaugh and his podcast or DailyRushbo.com: https://www.youtube.com/user/DailyRushbo . He also does the same at some time or another. I could go on with sources like Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, or Ted Cruz, but I’ll only suggest the ones above for sake of simplicity.

I hope this explained some of the aforementioned misconceptions and hot-topics.


I, as well agree and disagree. I’ll go light.

  1. I am not defending EVERYTHING the US has ever done. I also disagree with certain aspects of how we’ve handled Russia and the whole Crimea situation, but that was screwed up from the start on both sides. I said that Russia was arguably a threat, not that they were or weren’t. Also who implemented most of those policies about “sticking our head up or rear” and letting internal problems become major ones in Russia: Clinton, Obama, and their State Departments. As for the US propping up certain regimes, I agree and disagree. Some, such as Jordan and Egypt, provide stability, even though we are opposites, and we should, and probably will, support a secular, pro-freedom and US supportive uprising if one is ever to come into existence, which is unlikely in the Middle East, so they’re there for stability. Some we should wipe off the face of the earth for having committed violations of human rights and having gone against, armed I might add, the US and US citizens (Iran,Turkey, Syria, Libya [technically a failed state but ISIS has taken control there], Pakistan, and yes, Saudi Arabia). However, like I said before, they provide stability in a region of dust, and I’d rather debate you face to face, than send my men to fight and die to destroy you, but I will if I have to. (The whole, Violence is the last option, but it’s still an option, deal). Not to mention that some are allies of powers who hate the US.
  2. We have US bases in other nations to support US allies and protect US interests in those nations. Examples: South Korea, Japan, Italy (for it’s close proximity to the Middle East), and England. Also, whether we like it or not, we are the leader of the Free World, and we need an increased presence worldwide, and we have to deal with problems that might in any way effect US interests.
  3. I agree on fixing our problems at home, and I like Ron Paul. I don’t agree with everything he says or believes, but none the less he wasn’t bad at all. We need to fix the NSA, and the Patriot Act, I agree.
  4. I, again, agree and disagree. Yes, I believe it’s almost black and white as far as political beliefs. I agree, we need to go back to our principles we held dear earlier in US history, but not to the Progressive era. How about the era of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, or the Greatest Generation’s core beliefs.
    That’s all.

  1. I meant Russia in general. How did they screw up? They didn’t screw up anything. Western interference stirred up Ukraine, Russia had nothing to do with it.
    And I think you are a tad bit too optimistic about how much the rest of the world loves us.
  2. Why should they suck op to us? We cannot afford to have interests all over the world. Other countries have interests as well. America must understand it cannot always get its way.
  3. We should focus our attention to the home front. And no, no damn wall along the Southern border (they’ll only start digging underneath it and a wall would put tremendous amounts of Customs and Border Security personnel out on the streets, which we cannot afford given the current state of the economy. Remember: employment is key! People in jobs=people that spend money). Besides, this country needs more Latinas (good mothers, conservative in their outlook, have very traditional family values).
  4. Much of the Progressive era was good… Women’s suffrage, the anti trust laws, unions, rectification of what went wrong with the processes of industrialization and urbanization etc.


I really ROFL when these so-called militarist feminists talk about women being independent, only when it suits them. Ever tried to split the bill on the first date (which is always hit or miss)? Well there you have it…There’s nothing wrong with women’s rights, but that fanatical crap with leaving men to pay for everything and the denial of sex as a power tool has gone too far. I really pity the young because back in my day they wouldn’t have dared to pull such stunts. It simply wasn’t becoming of a lady, people talked, you know.


This is as far as I’m going to go, because this thread as gotten a little to far from the original topic, so here’s my last response.

  1. I don’t think the world loves us, I think the opposite, I was simply pointing out facts of the US in relation to the advancement of Western society. I think most of the world despises the US, so all the more why we need security and allies who are like minded.
  2. I never said anything about the rest of the world sucking up to us, so I don’t know where that came from and I’m not going to go into another long post explaining possible answers.
  3. The Progressive era saw a lot of negative influences on the world as well. Yes women’s suffrage was a good thing, but several of those women spearheading the movement went on to become the first feminists and abortion advocates. To me, a big fat no-no. Also, the Progressive era saw the income tax (a constitutional originalist no-no), and the direct election of senators ( another originalist no-no), the NFA, racist Woodrow Wilson’s League of Nations proposal, which was used to frame the U.N., and several other problems.
  4. Based on what you posted about the Southern Border, you come across as pro-illegal immigration, or at least misunderstanding what I posted. I do support a wall on the southern border, because it sends a message to anyone who wants to come here illegally that they are not welcome, and it allows for better control of who comes into this country. If an American goes anywhere in the world illegally, they are thrown into prison, and good luck getting them out. I have no problem with people coming to the US, as long as they come here legally, and if they want to stay, they should assimilate, and not live here as if it’s Chihuahua, because it’s not. If you move to another country, as an American, or ex-American, you are expected to assimilate to the culture, and language, and respect the borders. Why is it too much to expect the same from people coming here? (That’s rhetorical) Also, they already have tunnels under the border and we are beginning, with a new administration, to deal with them just fine.
  5. The Russians invaded a nation against that nation’s will, without a declaration of war. Good or bad results, that’s not right. They wanted to imperically expand, and the admin in the US at the time and the rest of the West didn’t help it. That’s all I’m going to say.
    That’s as far as I’m going to go with this, because anything further is just going to throw this thread into topics unrelated, which is where it’s beginning to go. That’s what I got, and we’ll just have to agree to disagree, because this thread has gone somewhere I don’t think it was supposed to. So that’s what I got, and I’m done.

  1. It’s always worthy to be condemned if one nation attacks and invades a sovereign nation under the guise of questionable facts and reasons. Like the “russians” did with Iraq just to gain control of it’s oilfields. Or with Afghanistan to secure a foothold and base of operations in the southasia (not to mention the drugs produced there). Or when the russians destabilized major parts of the middle east and north africa with instigating the “arab spring” to secure the natural ressources and to destabilize it’s major economic competitor (european union) through massive streams of refugees from those regions. How arrogant of the “russians” to attack other nations thousands of miles away and kill their citizens with drones and bombs to eliminate assumptive threats because they don’t have to deal with the bloody aftermath. And don’t get me started on the “spying on allied nations” thing. Damn those “russians”! Someone should stand up to them and remind them that human rights are universal and not just for your own citizens! I don’t even want to think about russias seemingly unstable leader whos threatning half of the world and confusing the other half without having a thought-out political agenda whatsoever. Those russ… hold on a second, did i write russians?

“sarcastic rant off”

Don’t get me wrong here, just as i wrote in one of my posts above, i’m actually a big “fan” of the United States and it’s people and hold great value on the relationship between our nations. But sometimes, people get a little too self-righteous and seem to forget that every great nation has “skeletons in the closet”. And i’m certainly not trying to defend russian politics whatsoever.

Cheers from overseas.


Quick response and then I’m gonna let this topic die out before we go down an endless rabit hole.

Well, as for abortion, you don’t get to decide that. It’s her womb. Nobody has the right to force a woman to give birth.

I really don’t have an opinion on immigration. We ourselves are illegal immigrants. Each and every one of us, whether we were born here or not, I don’t give a damn, we are illegals. Period. African Americans are the only exception and can be excused. We stole other people’s land and virtually wiped out the civilization that was already here before we came.

As for Russia, you lost me, like forever man. What invasion?? Do you have any proof of this to back it up? Russia didn’t invade anybody. If they did our sat feed would have picked it up and it would have been broadcasting around the clock on each and every news channel in the world. And apparently you haven’t read one word I said earlier about looking at ourselves first. We are the ones behaving aggressively and imperialistically, bombing, invading and raping the rest of the world, waging war on everyone we cannot bluff into submission. You obviously haven’t been paying attention to our own foreign policy (or lack thereoff) since the end of the Cold War. It started with us pushing NATO eastwards despite having made promises to Russia we would not do so. Then we started a whitch hunt against the Serbs in the mid 1990s and ignored their side to the story. Then we bombed them illegaly in 1999. Then the so-called GWOT took off and we invaded Iraq illegally and created ISIS the very moment we installed the puppet regime which we call the CPA. Next there was the Arab Spring where we removed almost every dictator yet stable stable leader and traded them for chaos and Jihadist civil wars. While we were so busy with the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa we forgot to poke Russia and smacked them in the face for no reason with sanctions, and with counter productivity in Syria as a follow up, despite the President’s diametrically opposed campaign promises. And now this show pony is heading towards a standoff with North Korea (which is of no threat to anybody). Why, you might ask? Here’s why: because every US sorry excuse for a President needs their damn war! Face it, we’re doing far more harm than good. It’s time we tend to our own and disband State and DoD to begin with. We should mind our own business and figure out, for a start, how we’re gonna fix our crippling infrastructure, make sure our tap water is actually potable. We’re so F’n backwards compared to rest of the Western world if you take a closer look. That’s because we spend 900 billion on Defense and National Security instead of spending the money on tasks that really matter.

These are the facts man, transmission ends…

But it’s okay, live in your Reaganistic-Trumpesque black and white bubble. That is your right because the First Amendment grants us the right to disagree. Just remember you are factually wrong. See us for who we really are (the world’s darn menace), and have the civil courage -the ability to be academically objective if you will- to look yourself in the eye. For what it’s worth, you know I’m right. Don’t let your patriotism blind you. FYI Patriotism ruins history.


Don’t worry. Our politicians are just as Stalinist as Putin. Make no mistake. We spend more on “National Security” than the rest of the world combined. The Russian national security machine is child’s play compared to ours. You think Putin is a bad boy to his own people? Come to the US and be surprised, be surprised…


I thought i was making it clear that “russians” where meant to be read as “USA” hence the “…did i write russians?” , “sarcasastic rant off” and everything that came after that. Sorry for miscommunicating :wink:


Im Gegenteil! Es ist mir ganz klar. Trotzdem stehst du Russland etwas feindlich gegenüber, oder? -> Hence my last remark about not defending Russian politics. They are far more ethical in their foreign policy than we are. Do they support regimes that are utterly evil? Certainly yes. But are the ones we support less evil?


I agree with you and have to admit that contrary to what my statements might have suggested, i actually find Russia quite interesting. I believe Putin is the right man at the right place at the moment, because the alternatives in the russian political scene are far more radical and militant. There are more than a few voices who would like to bring back the mighty USSR and be done with the “westernization” of russia. I’m also pretty realistic of what qualities a good statesman has to have. Being a nice person is certainly not one of them. He has to be reasonable and he has to act for the best of his own people. Or to clarify, a leader should have compassion but he also has to know when to supress emotions and instead act for the greater good (of his people). Every nation supports evil regimes to a certain degree. Germany has made many arms deals with Saudi Arabia even though it’s an oppressive regime which finances international terror. Same goes for the US in south america, asia and the middel east.

But like Eisenhower supposedly once said: “He might be a son of a b… but he is OUR son of a b…!”

Edit: I really like this forum and enjoy having sincere debates with you guys! Thank you for this opportunity!


I like your discussion, even you are getting pretty offtopic.
Political discussion on high standards without insults is best way to go.


Sorry for derailing your thread man, on behalf of the rest of us. And yes, agreed. Even if we happen to be politically devided or idealistic we can still keep things civilized and respectful. As opposed to sites such as TFB…


You and I get along just fine.

I think all political power should be vested into the hands of the people. No leader can go against the will of the majority of the people. I am very democratic in my outlook and would never approve of a leader that surpresses anything for the sake of stability. There is no real alternative for Putin indeed, perhaps Shoygu but he would never run in an election as a rival to Putin. Zhirinovsky and Zhuganov are no viable options and Mironov is an empty uniform. Maybe in the longer run Rogozin might become president but he doesn’t have much political insider suport. He only got his current job because Putin put him there for Realist political reasons (appease his political support base, which is an opposition movement). Putin is a clever guy by giving outsiders a seat at the table and thereby moderating opposition against him. Putin is actualy very good for Russian gun owners because he’s open to listen to their cause. And slowly but steadily Russia is moving towards more relaxed gun ownership, which is a good thing.
Russia has basically always been the same country: first they had a Czar and his druzhina (Gefolgschaft, or ‘followship/kin’ of boyary (higher nobility) and dvoryany (service nobility), then they had a Secretary General and his nomenclatura (the top engineers, ranking managers, senior military leadership and civil service top bureaucrats), and now they have a president and his oligarchs (the mafia and emigrée criminals such as Abramovich, the super rich ‘New Russian’ yuppies that emerged from the early 90s, dubious business owners of former state companies that have been chaotically “privatized”, and former right wing politicians such as the much hated Mikhail Kasyanov, Anatoly Chubais, Irina Khakamada, Grigory Yavlinsky etc). The system never changes. The way I see it, Russia is doomed because it always has a leadership that considers the country to be a personal crown dominion that they can rape and pillage seemingly endlessly.


You got that right. Amen brother.


Breaking news!

Few minutes ago was proposition for amendment law into constitution overwhelmingly accepted by house of parliament.