2nd amendment in your travelsEvery where I went I saw pro 2nd admen

I just went to the Albany New York area and made a swing up to Lake Placid and came back thru the Adirondack mountains to Niagra Falls then back to Missouri . Everyone I talked to or yard signs I saw were pro 2nd amendment. It was a pleasant surprise.


Awesome! I saw some pro 2A stuff last time in CA surprisingly. But it wasn’t on the coast.


The US isn’t nearly anti gun as the liberal media portrays.


Now, if we could just get those signs in/on the news. Let all these liberals and undecideds see that there are plenty of pro 2A people in the USA.

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Now if they’ll go vote.
In NJ 63% didn’t and now we’re screwed.

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you have my sympathy for the abusive gun laws you have to live with in NJ

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The people in upstate ny all said NYC is a cess pool and is the only reason the state has the problems it has.


Ive been seeing gadsden flags and 3 percenter stuff all over Oregon lately. Hopefully these people back it up in the voters box or with a cartridge box come november.

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Not even with the newest generation. Ive seen alot of younger folks getting into guns lately. The MSM (even fox) twists stuff and plays off ignorant peoples emotions.

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