3 best .45 acp pistols that are not 1911s


For me its,


The 1911 might be the the king of .45 acp pistols but the HK45 is the king of modern combat .45s, imo.

Heres an article on a 50k torture test done by Tod Greene and Larry Vickers. These pistols are built to go 25k with no parts breakage or major failures.


Walther PPQ comes to mind. Brilliant trigger.

  1. HK MARK23

  2. Sig p227 TACOPS

  3. CZ 97 BD

    Solid topic jf89! Let’s hope this thread gets traction.


Tanfoglio …


Good one, I forgot about that one.


Glock G21
S&W M&P 45 M2.0

Sorry, these are the only 2 I know well - don’t know another well enough to recommend.


I would pick Korth with its roller delay blowback system, but to me it’s still very close to a 1911!


@jf89, I understand you say 45 ACP pistol would you allow a revolver into your thread?


CZ 75 is itself a clone of Browning HP… a lot of gun manufacturers use 1911 platform for their top models.
Sig Sauer X5, Beretta Centennial, Tanfoglio, Sig P210 (new), CZ Shadow 2 etc… Sig P220 - “1911 on steroids” :slight_smile:


@jf89, Ruger Redhawk 45 ACP


Best .45acp pistols that are not 1911s does not compute.
Does not compute.
System fail.


My choices:
Glock 41
HK USP (full size)
SIG P220


SAR K2 for me. 14 rounds of .45 ACP goodness!


I just checked the closet for .45 pistols that aren’t 1911’s, and wouldn’t you know it… I couldn’t find anything.


In order, IMHO:
Glock 21
S&W 625 Mountain Gun (technically not a pistol, but a great .45 regardless)


close g30 is just under 4 inch barrel


Bump…Does anyone have any experience with the Jericho/Baby Eagle pistols in .45 acp?


Good post, I want one of those.



Ive shot a 9mm version. The lack of a decocker is kind of weird. Im curious how big the .45 mid size is though.


I find the addition of one weird

but prefer SAO