30-30 vs 7.62X39 ballistically

Guess sarcasm is beyond your intellect?

We will use small words this time. .223 goes through 16 sheets of drywall.

Frangible ammo goes through one.

Keyboard warrior, dream up all the scenarios you want. Super ninja clans have no interest in my home except in your mind, which they couldn’t possibly get lost in,one room, 25 watt bulb, really dull place.

Hey, maybe you could use Ma Deuce in your residential neighborhood for home defense? HEX rounds no less.

Cain’t we all jus’ get along!!



I have to believe that ‘Mr. Bad Guy’ would be a hurten turkey if I had to reach for my 1974 Marlin 30-30 while trespassing my property. It’s never failed me once over the 40+ years since I’ve owned it. It may not always be my first choice of all my guns, but it’s definitely one of my most reliable. Whether I’m targeting something at 10 yards or 200, I know I’ll hit my mark 99.9% of the time. My wife and I live in a remote rural area, far back off the road and it has always been within reach.


Winchester Ranger 55-grain Softpoint through ONE wall,only small fragments through second and small bits with little energy STOPPED in third wall(BARELY 5 sheets in total).

DRT frangible sailing through FOUR sheets(that’s 2 whole WALLS if you’re having trouble keeping up) of 1/2" drywall and 12" of gelatin.

I’ll use small words… FOUR is not ONE and the .223 penetrated LESS after 2 walls.

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Now that’s a mighty fine rifle Wildlife. I plan on getting a non-matching numbers Mosin Nagant and sporterizing it for the same reason when my wife and I move to the middle of no where ID or MT.

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I live 8 to twelve miles from any town and neighbors are at least 1/4 mile away . Carry a 1911 on me and have an ar handy . If not the ar it is a 870 12 gauge.


Nice! We are going to be at least ~20 miles out if not further from a city and on some property at least 40 acres. Seclusion and quiet for the win.


Okay, Moron, you are allowed to use your fingers, don’t count the webs between them.

.223 (5.56) sixteen sheets of drywall.

DRT “jacketed” you are a moron.

Bonded metal powder frangible round, no jacket.

Yeah, I get what you are saying, we can both choose the ideal frangible bullet and limit penetration.

I am still not getting how you expect to have the AR by the bedside unless it’s hanging in a Bubba gun rack above you.

I am sticking with the pistol

Again, conflating range ammo with DEFENSIVE rounds. The Hornady “Superperformance” BTHP they tested is MATCH ammo and nothing like the Winchester Ranger 55gr soft point I showed above.

The only non jacketed rounds DRT lists are “training rounds”. This is what they themselves have to say about them:

This product is a jacketless frangible. It is purely for training and not intended to be used as a self defense round.

Gee, I wonder why they would say it’s not intended as a self defense round :face_with_raised_eyebrow: . Could it be that the round doesn’t have enough penetration on tissue to reliably induce stops?

First, no one said it had to be an AR. All of these rifles are chambered in .223:


Too Big for you? How about these?

All of those carbines are chambered in .223. All are far easier to attach some form of red dot to than a pistol. Other than the lever guns, they are all capable of holding 10+ rounds.

But where oh where could you put them???


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Ok, i didn’t go through all those posts but here’s my .02 cents worth…
I own both and have reloaded for both. The 30-30 will handle heavier bullets and have better bullet selection. If you need it to die where you shoot it, the 30-30 does a pretty good job. Got someone kicking in your front door… I think I would want the high-cap AK.


I own both and the ballistics are near the same. I would rather have a AK with rather than my model 94 due in part of the lying prone, a lever action is interesting to use in this position. The AK holds more ammo and loads after a shot. I really think that it boils down to price and the end users trigger time behind a certain firearm. At least I’m glad we all agree that we would defend ourselves in a critical incident :smile:

P.S. leverevolution is a little hard on my Remington model 8. If you use it I recommend it in a newer firearm.

Squid,the only practical reason to have handgun, to allow time to get to rifle!when zobies are comming down on your ass !will you be thinking Oh I dont want to over penetrate?
Any post with this many penetrations is awsome!oh and just gotta point out deep penetration is nice sometimes!

Some people are just assholes behind a keyboard.

My guess is he’s probably akin to a hippo, poor social skills, stinky breath, bloated, fat, disgusting, unhappy creature, swimming in pools of his own excrement, that doubles as his refrigerator and soup kitchen.

But yeah, he could be a super cool really tough center mass target tearing up rambo eating sumbitch…yeah, not.

funny part about this whole wall thing - DRT caution that the rounds will penetrate dry wall

so Squid unless you do the test and present it (same as the one you posted only using your magic bullet) your argument holds zero validity.
The problem about being shot - most people do not even know or realise until they see the blood (body mass impact) or the arm/legs no longer function.



from those people that I have talked to that have been shot (and long-term survived) - they did not know that they had been shot till the blood made it obvious. This agrees with what you are saying.

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Is there a big difference in the persons reaction with different calibers? Does 5.56, 7.62x39, 30-30 and .308 really make alot of difference?

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I know that when the army car I was in got hit by a rpg, I did not know that I had been struck by something that went through my body armour. The ones that could dismounted, and including me laid down a wall of hate in the general direction that the smoke trail came from (everything outgoing was 7.62 NATO or ,50). It wan’t until the second mag that someone pointed out that my ass was bloody and when I felt my back where it suddenly started to burn came back wet and red my first thought F**K kidney, well if this is where it is going to end I will take a few more with me and make sure my brothers go home.


yes because they all react differently and depends on the projectile used but pistol calibre tend not to create the same wounding dynamics as higher velocity rifle round


So in terms of putting a person down and assuming shot placement is the same, does say 2 or 3 rounds from A 5.56 or 7.62x39mm round offer a better chance of putting a person down than a single bigger round such as .308?

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