30 Colorado Sheriffs stand against Mag Ban

Salute to Colorado Sheriffs




Colorado has swung so far left in the last 12 years I’m surprised that so many stood up for gun rights. Good for them!


Yeah, lets see what happens, I’ve heard of states removing county sheriffs and making them state sheriffs

everything looks the same, cars, jail, uniforms, but the politics change

they subtly remove the term county from cars so the average person doesn’t even notice,

so, wheres the bread and butter come from and how does it influence decisions…


I fixed that for you my friend. Haha. :cowboy_hat_face: Pueblo to Fort Collins is ground zero for this. Colorado suffers from the same affliction as Oregon and now Texas and to a slightly lesser extent Washington state. A small geographical area with high population politically controlling the rest. Western and central CO is pretty conservative still. I guess being in Utah you get to hear about some of that?

I’m sure @PastorMike and our newest member @grendeljaeger can opine about in more detail as well. It is really sad because CO is such a great place otherwise.


I work in Colorado so I see a lot of their politics. You can add Nevada to that list too. Geographically it’s quite conservative but population is not. It will happen to Utah too I’m sure. That’s why I like the idea of the electoral college. It gives areas a voice that support the main populace with food, energy, and water management that city dwellers (the main populace) don’t typically understand. Even Carl Marx acknowledged this as a factor that most socialists including himself didn’t understand.


It may seem that the actual sheriffs are in the South part of Colorado, that’s a relief! :tinfoil: Humor


Agreed on Nevada. It’s almost a lost cause like New Mexico. Utah has to be the last place after maybe Alaska that will go blue. Even considering SLC and St. George’s politics is already there.

I hope it never comes to the point where we need a last stand.


You know those videos of the cops lip sync challenge, where a police station does a music video where they lip sync to a song, then at the end, they name and challenge another police or sheriff department to do the challenge as well? Well, I think that needs to happen here. One of these Sheriff’s departments needs to call out another one by name and county and challenge them to take a stance and join them.