308 API @ CDVS.us


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Only go shooting after a rainy day. I am not kidding, only after it rains.
The rounds will burn in the burm after you have left the range.

One more rule. Once they are together don’t drop them tip down. Being .308 you might be ok, but the .50’s I have… you have got to be careful with.

Be safe and have fun Brother!


Time to store them different then :sunglasses:


I really hope you have that! That is awesome!

Store them for a rainy day. LOL!


Nah, we sold the house furnished, that included a couple wall hanger SXS’s , and the clock,


the ammo came along and is sitting by the Christmas tree, hoping Santa gets the hint
and drops off an 82A1


That’s my Brother! Always thinking!


I almost bought some links for the .310 API but I have the BETA drums and they are reported to be able to handle being stored full, so maybe one with API and another with tear gas?

I’ve bought those in the past, they are aged but …

no not my video


Well that is thought provoking!


These arrived today and look so good I ordered more!!