308AR auction for fundraiser

One of my wife’s coworker’s had a motorcycle accident on Thanksgiving and will need several surgeries on his foot and still may lose it. We are trying to raise money for the family’s expenses outside of medical. There are more details in the thread on 308AR.

@Magwa has generously donated his time and skill to make a handmade flint knife to the winner. Please take a look if interested. Pictures in the thread


Now that’s a treasure, hand crafted from a genuine Indian war lord (needed a spin)

if you have anyone who can create a video on this fundraiser we can host on our community channel for 308AR and their cause.

Best if the war lord did it in his best war bonnet? (too much @Magwa ?)


Yeah I am hardly a war Lord lol I am just a guy who,s mom is 1/4 Cherokee who was lucky enough to grow up with people who taught me about my ancestors…and I still believe in the old ways…and live around like minded people,no war Bonner,s lol but I do know a lot of stuff lol


Here is another fundraiser auction on 308ar. This time it is for a complete upper.


First, I want to say thank you to all those that donated to Joseph (aka nine toe Joe). Second, a special thank you to @Magwa for generosity of this special prize. I apologize for calling the Ulu a “scraper.” It is a disrespect to that work of art that I did not intend. Here is a copy of the letter Magwa sent to me describing what was included.

And, if you must see it, here is the video of the unboxing. I did not do the included treasure justice with my descriptions.


I can’t see any disrespect for terminology and didn’t know what you meant until I watched the video,

If it looks that nice on a video it must be stellar in person,

what was the last item?

You mentioned knowing what went in the hole in college and for a moment I thought that meant it was a pipe :facepalm:

my bad

great stuff :+1:


Some awesome items doc.