36 CAP and ball conversions

I was looking into the world of cap and ball revolvers when I found an issue that hasn’t really been solved. Those that have a .36 cal muzzleloader know that it takes a .370-.375" diameter projectile. The conversions to a standard cartridge include:

Low powered 38 Sol
38 S&W
38 Long Colt

The problem is that these bullets need a hollow base to basically fire form to the lands and grooves. But .015" is a lot to stretch lead.
Then I came across this little gem, the 38-40.
It has a bullet diameter of .401" and is a necked down version of the 44-40.

Do you guys think it would be worth the while to attempt to convert a revolver to accept this cartridge? I know I will have to bore out the barrel and recut the rifling. Let me know what you guys think

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IDK, wall hangers might be advisable…

Good question. It will take a lot of time, and some money for the proper reamer unless you already have the tooling.
To be honest with you I was hoping you would put time into the AK conversion you had mentioned.


I plan on doing the ak conversion first. The question came to me this morning when my brother started asking questions about conversions for the 1851 navy revolvers.


I’m finally getting it fixed. A local guy works on ak’s and quoted me a decent price to fix it. Now I get to play the waiting game.


That sucks. “The waiting game”
I’m happy to hear that it’s getting fixed!!!