3D gun hysteria


I don’t get the logic behind the judge stopping the online blueprints going public, especially when anyone with a little mechanical know-how can easily make any kind of a zip gun. Something that’s been done like, FOREVER!!!


Good point.
Nothing changes but the technology.
Same destination just a new way to get there.


You can get the blueprints for the Sten online as well.


It’s amazing how many left wing anti-gun experts there suddenly are about 3D printing.


Honestly, I kinda expected this out of state of Washington or California.


Well, those people will believe anything so long as it’s the media telling them. Well, and or Government. Because our Government would never lie, and if they did, our media would tell us.



And the beat goes on!


I suspect this is a way for the left to get ahead of the game as 3D printed guns and other items will start to be mainstream soon. The left really wants to remove our constitutional rights at every point. We have to stop these dirtbags from taking control of our rights.