3D printing guns


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almost called 911 because it look like someone had suffered a stroke

More illegalier - stay a gun guy and avoid the wordsmith


So, can you potentially get a printer and print 80% straws to sell to CA?

And, what are the consequences if someone makes a straw purchase in CA?



LOL! Must be a multiple spool printer.


That’s awesome. At least yours printed correctly. Mine is missing parts and has holes in it!!!


My first attempt failed.


@srdiver that is hilarious. You know you’re getting old when you start admiring the antique furniture in the picture. I’ve been in an antique buying kick lately.


I’m about to try and print a Glock. Wish me luck.


I just wanted to articulate my appreciation for this thread. It has kept me laughing all weekend!


I musket more cartridges…


A paper jam??!??!
I’m never getting this right.


What do you have there, a 50%?


It’s a raw forging. 0%!


No, this is zero

Handgun Picture Thread

Yeah a raw chunk of 7075-t6 is definitely 0%!


Saw a funny post the other day where a buddy said he tried printing out a 1911 but his printer jammed :joy:


@ ThisOldGun

you should upgrade your printer that duplexs and has better resolution