.40-82 Winchester


On the .40-82 Winchester round, the .40 is the caliber, but what does the 82 represent?

  • 1882
  • 82 grains of powder
  • 1982
  • 82 grain bullet

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I have no clue, but you got me to pull out Grandpa’s old 38-56, and for that I thank you!! :+1:



Wow, you really know how to pick the oddball one!

Too bad cartridge names are not standardized (and accurate in terms of diameter). Yes, some are accurately named, some you can guess the meanings, but not all.


This is kind of unfair considering @Tactical_Reviews was around during the creation of this round & most of us were not…



How do you think I got the answer right - took me some time to remember back then - well, it was over 100 years ago (roughly 1886).




I’m still waiting on you or Dan to post pics of your 1st Gatling guns!



Well, I have fired a Gatlin gun, just did not have any kind of camera with me when I did.


I want people to start learning.


My first baby picture.


Is that the CMR-30 prototype you got there?