.40 S&W Carbine


I am looking for a carbine in .40 that will take Glock mags. I’ve looked and really the only thing I’ve seen are Hi point and kel-tec. Was wondering if any of you had some possibilities.


If you happen to have a spare Glock frame, you can pair it with a MechTech upper to convert it into a carbine.

There is a little company out of Wisconsin called Thureon Defense which makes Glock Mag compatible .40’s.
Thureon Defense

I believe Tresna has some .40 SW models:

If you have big bucks, there is the Kriss Vector
Kriss Vector Carbines

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head.


Whoops. I forgot the Just Right Carbines.
Just Right Carbines


What’s your take on the just right carbines? Know of anyone who has one??


Friend of mine had a .45ACP Just Right Carbine. It was a decent enough little carbine but, if memory serves, no bolt hold open and the magazine well was a bit tight. Also, when they first came out, rumor was anything bigger than the 9mm had ejection issues with un-fired rounds. If you had a FTF, and ran the bolt to clear the round, the bullet wouldn’t clear the ejection port. I KNOW for sure this was an issue on the .45, but believe the .40 had the same problem.


New Frontier Armory has an AR 15 lower that is purpose built for Glock magazines. The upper/bolt they make has a two piece bolt that allows you to replace the 9mm bolt front half with a .40 cal bolt front. That plus a .40 cal barrel are all you need for a 40 cal PCC. Well that and the balance of the AR /;-)). My NFA 9mm pistol has now been shot over 4000 rounds without a single hitch. I see no reason their .40 cal variant would be any different.