41st is no more


George H. W. Bush dead at 94





Thanks for the news, though sad to see it.

May he rest in peace.


One of the greatest of the greatest generation.
He’s connecting with many others today



R I P. Very smart man





In 1991 George H.W. Bush promised a New World Order and in 2018, with it walking through the door no one remembers he was at the drafting table…

I’m sure we’ll hear different from Roger Stone


I remember that Robert…
But, I respect the office, like his wife, (she was classy) so I feet a bit sad by the news. If Jimmy Carter passes, i will feel the same way.
Give me 200 years or so, i may feel the same about O-Bummer… but, i doubt it. :thinking:



This is the way I feel as well. I may not have always liked what they have done, but it is not my place to judge their life’s work immediately after they are gone. While they are alive is a different story though. I do not have a high opinion of Jimmy Carter (but that is not what this thread is about).


People lower down the chain I do not have much feelings about unless they were epic, like Chris Kyle


I’m sorry for his family and their loss. But I can not forget all the damage that he did to our rights . The gun control act of 1968 an assault weapons ban and many other small steps he took while he was in politics .


May he rest in peace.