44-40 Chamber Pressure Videos

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I made a few videos of the pressuretrace II results for the 44-40 loads and posted them on youtube. When I went to post them here on Full30 video channel, they were gone from my files…oh joy!
My apologies. Here is the link to youtube.


Here is the data posted to the 44-40 website

44-40 Website PressuretraceII Page


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Oh no, I thought I saved each one on my computer but when I went to check after uploading to youtube, they were gone. I screwed something up.


The 44-40 Google Docs “Pressure” Page has been updated to reflect the 3 new tests 1A, 2A&2B (re-tests for “control”), and test 90. I also updated a few other items by including the 1917 WRA data and highlighting Lyman’s max loads that were previously tested. I will update other items as well as dates etc. the week of the 20th.

44-40 Chamber Pressure Test Results Update


There is just too much information for me to repost it all here, especially since there is only a link for photographs.

For those that are somewhat following the progress, I have updated the Pressure Testing page of the 44-40 website with a large selection of test result charts to compare.

The test results prove that early smokeless powders used by Winchester produced less pressures than original black powder loads. They also prove that the 44-40 ballistics was greatly reduced by the 1970’s.

Black powders of today create less pressure than those of the originals and sends the wrong message about pressure comparisons for modern smokeless loads.

I have created a 44-40 Pressure Time Line for those interested.

I have also updated the 44-40 google docs pages with the Recent Pressure Test Results, also for those interested in understanding the myths of this cartridge’s performance of yesteryear vs today.

If you visit the google docs page, make sure you look at all of the data by select all of the tabs at the bottom of the chart window.


92 the BP PSI ban years or what?



Yeah, I goofed…again