45-70 cast & any good plinking loads?

Got bored casted some projectiles anyone’s is welcome to give me some load data the gun im using is a 1894 cowboy with a 26 inch barrel.


Unless those are real hard use gas checks to help prevent leading.


That lead show the mold was too cold.
The smallest I make is 360, and the biggest is 540, so I do not have any light loads. 405 with 28g 4895 was about as light as Ive ever done. You have heavy crimp them or your barrel looks like a chimney.

Those are flat base boolits no groove for gas check. A .030 - .060 veggie wad will do the trick.
Might even be a Lee mold, the 2 gang works, but the 6 gang can be a tricky to keep it hot. Hot plate works well.