45 Commie Goals For USA

Per Robert’s excellent suggestion I went and looked up the 45 Commie Goals for the USA as read into the Congressional Record in 1963. The link is below.

How many do they have left to accomplish?

How do we reverse course?


When the Titanic hit the iceberg shortly before midnight on April 14th, 1912, the lives of everyone on board would be changed forever. But, before panic ensued, the actual collision was barely noticed by the passengers. Fans of the 1997 film may remember the scene when First and Second class passengers were remarking that were woken by a “slight shudder” as the iceberg tore into the side of the ship. This was pretty accurate. Most people felt only a slight vibration.

Passengers on the promenade deck at the time of the collision were so casual about the whole thing, in fact, that some of them began playing with the blocks of ice that had broken off and landed on deck.


Good analogy. The “Unsinkable” Titanic was the victim of a internal fire in the coal bunker that pre-weakened her hull prior to the ‘brush’ with the berg.

She was weakened from the inside, and taken down by a mere side swipe. Very Good analogy.

BTW, ironically (coincidentally?) the 3 Biggest Opponents to the Fed were killed when she sank. I do not believe in conspiracies. Coincidences on this scale are rare. While ‘Planned Operations’ are run all the time… Certainly a very interesting rabbit hole.

There is also evidence that even more was at stake. The main owner of the White Star Line was J. P. Morgan. It is interesting to note that he was one of several people who cancelled at the last minute. Morgan claimed he was of ill health. However he was spotted in France two days later and appeared to be in perfectly good health. J. Bruce Ismay’s wife Julia traveling with their children also cancelled due to her ill health, however they were spotted on a motoring holiday in Wales.

Deception is everywhere…

… so are ‘Planned Operations’

Don’t tell me these things can’t be covered up or hidden.

Think ‘Manhattan Project’ ‘Oak Ridge’ and ‘Groom Lake’

Just saying. Very good analogy…


TY, I guess I could have made the one I previously intended then

And we can also analogize the ice being debt and what happens once liquidation is required



You forgot the chicom virus attack.
Just might be the biggest deception ever. :thinking:



I certainly get dark humor and appreciate it, maybe that’s why I like memes so much…



nah, I’m confident it’s not

Oh good :face_with_hand_over_mouth: dial in your pov with these two


The Proverbial Nail has been struck accurately. Kudos :100: :salute: