.45 is just like 9mm but for adults, ya right, let the war begin


While the semi-auto guys argue between themselves about 9mm or .45, revolver guys are like ya, sure, what ever.


I’ll take 9 over 45 any day


Another caliber war? I think both have their merits, so to each their own. Although I guess the general concensus is 9mm has proven itself across the board. (Like 5.56) 9mm has come a long way and isn’t what it used to be.


I like .45 as well but my wallet doesn’t. I don’t have a functional use for .45 either though. 124/147gr 9mm and 62gr 5.56 are the name of the game.


when I’m shooting at the range, geting tired from 200 of 45’s … 500 of 9’s is never enough :slight_smile:


Ya like bigger holes, but there aint no dang war the answer is wait for it… Both! Sometimes need to carry deeper,xds .45 dont print! Other times bigger 9 is nice15-1 season matters light clothing no coat ect ,what im saying is options!:yum:


Doesn’t this one count?


True, I will do a 10mm vs .45 thread then. 10mm of course wins but we need more non political shit storms.


.45 is the short, fat, and slow round of the gun world.


So its the America of the gun world? Im fat,slow and can pack a punch but I prefer my ladies to be light weight,petite, and in numbers when its time to get dirty.


I’m big and fast, or so my wife tells me.

Stupid limits, 3 more minutes before I can like a post. B^)


Lol well you are now obviously describing 10mm. The .45 is fat and slow, I can pull the trigger and jog to the target before the .45 gets there.


I kind of like my 700gr 500 mag, that’s huge, and moving 1450fps or about double the speed of a .45


Yup,ive heard soooooo many stories of perps outrunning 45 ???:wink:


They may not outrun 1200fps, but 800 is very doable.


Havnt you ever seen the matrix? That wasnt slow motion ,it was a .45 acp round being slow. 9mm or 10mm wouldve hit him.


Oh I get it now, that was in real time.


Ok das funny and no,know,nah bs,balderdash, git out yer starting blocks and track shoes and ill even step down from 45 acp to black powder and 1851 navy 452 diameter ball or…bull crap, you wouldnt wanna get shot period ! Any caliber!Fat shameing honestly!:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


That’s just how we roll here. :thinking:


As long as we dont sart in with the 22 vs 380 im folneus monk cool😎