.45 is just like 9mm but for adults, ya right, let the war begin


Eh, .380, it’s like a .38 special, but smaller.


So not to go off topic but has anyone seen new ar pocket pistol looks like curve, 556 caliber?
Thinkin its nasty and overcomes the handgun is a shitty killing tool thing??gonna look up maker cause its interesting!


Would that be the double tap? I had one of those in .45acp, had is the operative word there.


The one im looking at is heizer defence pocket ar ported.


I’ll take a peek, but here it is again in slow motion. Stupid this was like 3/4" thick, after 3 rounds you didn’t want to use it anymore.


Yep, same design, it’s going to hurt like heck. Might be OK with 9mm ported. Wear gloves.


Oh no i get it sometimes just the report from something sooooo small dq’s it much less be able to hang on and ive hands of hickock


If I want tiny, I have this. ,22 short


Im speachless!:neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:dang


No comment…


Exactly. The only thing you need to worry about with 9mm -or at least take into account- is possible overpenetration. Don’t overlook .40 either… But of course THE king of the hill is .357 SIG.


Why .357 sig. over 10mm?


Mosty far better shootability.


We’re looking at the belt buckle, right?
Not sure I post a pic so close to my crotch and say…
“If I want tiny, I have this.” :wink:





.22 and .380? Im not into BB guns.


it is up to you. but 22LR is very accurate and… kills. proved by secret service
and what different does it make, which caliber did you missed with?


Lol i was messing with the poster above. .22 is a great round for plinking


:slight_smile: yep


Now that is one sexy gun.